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  Italy   - a country in southern Europe
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313/19 Theophrastus writes about the geography of Italy.
289/5 Agathocles is forced by ill health to withdraw from Italy.
285/3 ius complains to the Romans about the activities of Italian pirates.
281/41 Ceraunus and gets help from Macedonia for his expedition to Italy.
280/7 Pyrrhus sets sail for Italy.
280/8 Pyrrhus arrives in Italy, bringing elephants to back up his army.
278/27 yrrhus' successes against the Romans during his first stay in Italy.
278/28 Pyrrhus leaves Italy and crosses over to Sicily.
276/17 The Italians appeal to Pyrrhus to return to help them.
276/20 leaves Sicily and returns to Italy; he is attacked and defeated by
275/14 Pyrrhus asks Antigonus for aid to continue the war in Italy.
275/21 considers building a causeway over the sea from Apollonia to Italy.
275/23 Pyrrhus leaves Italy; the end of the war between Rome and Pyrrhus.
273/8 mans elect new consuls to take command of the war in Southern Italy.
248/2 Carthalo sails from Sicily to raid Southern Italy.
247/2a Hamilcar raids the coast of Southern Italy.
225/4 The Gauls invade Italy, and the Romans compile a list of almost 800,0
218/32 Scipio returns to Italy, after discovering that he has missed Hanniba
218/44 Hannibal arrives in Italy, and defeats the Taurini.
216/32 Roman allies in southern Italy start to desert to Hannibal.
215/11 The Carthaginians order Hasdrubal to lead his army into Italy.
208/1 onsuls are given joint command of the war against Hannibal in Italy.
208/17 ference, and decide that Hasdrubal should attempt to march to Italy.
208/20 meet Hannibal and his brother Hasdrubal at opposite ends of Italy.
207/2 Hasdrubal leaves Spain on his way to Italy.
207/4 Hasdrubal arrives in Italy, but fails to capture Placentia.
206/22 Scipio returns to Italy.
204/29 There is an exceptionally plentiful harvest in Italy.
203/1 new consuls enter office, and are given command of the war in Italy.
203/21 The devastation caused by Hannibal's long stay in Italy.
203/22 the Carthaginians to leave Italy, and sails back to Africa; Pelorus
201/12 Scipio returns to Italy.
186/10 Omens in Italy.
171/6 are given an audience outside Rome and then ordered to leave Italy.
162/7 Demetrius escapes from Italy.
160/20 This year is a famous vintage for Italian wines.
142/12 ings, brought back from the sack of Corinth, to the cities of Italy.
134/11 The slave revolt in Italy is crushed.
129/8 Scipio speaks in defence of the Italian allies.
125/4 end Roman citizenship to the Italian allies, but he is opposed by the
123/15 C.Gracchus oversees the construction of new roads in Italy.
122/5 nies and citizenship for the Italian allies, but is opposed by the
115/13 The censors redistribute public land in Italy and Africa.
106/10 stor L.Sulla arrives at Marius' camp with reinforcements from Italy.
102/9 Cimbri and Teutones decide to approach Italy by different routes.
101/1 The Cimbri develop a taste for Italian luxuries.
95/15 Licinia Mucia prevents other Italians from assuming Roman citizenship
91/4 supports the idea of giving Roman citizenship to the rest of Italy.
91/7 Drusus establishes several new Roman colonies in Italy and Sicily.
91/10 The Italians plan to murder the consuls at the Latin Festival, but
91/23 The Italian allies, disappointed by the failure of Drusus, begin
91/25 The Italians swear an oath of loyalty to Drusus.
91/31 The Italians openly revolt against the Romans, and begin to raise arm
91/35 Aesernia and Alba are besieged by the Italians.
90/1 a commission to punish those found guilty of aiding the Italians.
90/5 The Italians adopt a new constitution, and set their capital at Corfi
90/6 consuls to fight against the Italians, and assign legates to each of
90/7 Cn.Pompeius is defeated by the Italians near Mount Falernus.
90/24 The Italians besiege Pinna, which remains loyal to Rome.
90/29 Pompeius defeats the Italians near Firmum.
90/33 Roman citizenship to those Italians who have not joined in the revo
89/2 Italian force attempts to encourage revolt in Etruria, but is defe
89/12 Papiria Plautia grants further citizenship rights to the Italians.
89/24 T.Didius is defeated and killed by the Italians.
89/25 The Italian general Marius Egnatius is killed by the Romans.
89/26 ius defeats a large force of Italians near Asculum, after which Vidac
88/2 The Italians abandon Corfinium, and make Poppaedius their supreme com
88/10 The Social War causes widespread devastation throughout Italy.
88/14 picius proposes to enrol the Italian allies and freedmen throughout
88/34 The Italians ask Mithridates to help them fight against the Romans.
87/1 Sulla leaves Italy to take charge of the war against Mithridates.
87/4 law to redistribute the new Italian citizens amongst all the Roman
87/13 governor of Sicily, saves Rhegium from an attack by the Italians.
87/14 Cinna raises an army of supporters from the Italian towns.
85/17 Opponents of Cinna sail from Italy to join Sulla.
84/29 seize hostages from the Italian cities, but is stopped by the
83/1 icus meets Sulla at Athens, but refuses to follow him back to Italy.
83/29 ertorius abandons the war in Italy; he recruits more supporters in
82/2 Sulla arranges a treaty with the Italian allies.
82/4 Sulla sends Pompeius to join Metellus in northern Italy.
81/7 Sulla punishes the Italian towns which supported his opponents, inclu
81/17 not to mutiny after they are ordered by Sulla to return to Italy.
71/18 Pompeius arrives back in Italy, and defeats a force of slaves attempt
69/6 make raids against Caieta, Ostia, and Misenum on the Italian coast.
68/21 C.Caesar incites unrest in the towns of northern Italy.
63/2 hridates plans further expeditions, including the invasion of Italy.
63/43 Catilina sends out C.Manlius and others to foment revolt in Italy.
63/47 and others are sent out to restore order in various parts of Italy.
63/64 Q.Metellus and others arrest Catilina's agents throughout Italy.
62/36 The Romans decide to maintain a fleet around Italy.
58/29 of the Aedui, while Caesar raises reinforcements in northern Italy.
58/30 journey down to Vibo, and then across southern Italy to Brundisium.
58/34 Cicero crosses over from Italy to Macedonia.
57/20 ons citizens from throughout Italy to vote on a motion for the recall
52/9 mate Decree, and instructs Pompeius to levy troops throughout Italy.
52/73 Italy exports olive oil to the Roman provinces.
51/19 leaves Rome, but stays in Italy (including a visit to Ariminum),
50/24 polis, and sacrifices are offered throughout Italy for his recovery.
50/48 of the senate, authorise Pompeius to defend Italy against Caesar.
50/52 ground, for soldiers to rise up in defence of Italy against Caesar.
49/5 outside Rome, and authorises him to organise the defence of Italy.
49/19 P.Attius Varus arrives from Italy, and takes control of Africa, actin
49/25 Dire portents as Pompeius is forced to abandon Italy.
49/44 Cicero and others leave Italy to join Pompeius.
49/58 tonius, acting as Caesar's deputy, visits many of the Italian towns.
48/14 Caesar tries to return to Italy, but his boat is forced back by a sto
48/35 decides to follow Caesar to Thessaly, instead of returning to Italy.
46/69 priesthoods, residence in Italy, relief of debts, illegal guilds,
44/107 Brutus and Cassius leave Italy, without revealing their real destinat
44/118 Dolabella leaves Italy in order to take over the province of Asia.
44/44 Octavianus decides to return from Apollonia to Italy.
44/51 Octavianus travels across Italy to Tarracina in Latium.
43/118 proscribed join Sextus Pompeius after escaping from Italy by sea.
42/38 of the eastern provinces, and Octavianus agrees to return to Italy.
42/42 Octavianus' return to Italy is delayed by a serious illness.
41/6 vere disturbances throughout Italy, as Octavianus confiscates land
41/9 between the rival parties in Italy, the veterans declare their suppor
41/15 Octavian and his enemies in Italy; L.Antonius briefly gains control
41/15a eads false rumours about M.Antonius amongst his supporters in Italy.
40/6 Many supporters of Antonius flee from Italy.
40/14 makes a raid on the coast of Italy, while Agrippa is busy at the Ludi
40/16 Antonius sails to Italy, and attempts to capture Brundisium.
40/25 Sextus Pompeius, makes more raids on Italy, and occupies Sardinia.
39/10 Antonius leaves Italy and returns to Greece.
36/28 Maecenas governs Italy on behalf of Octavianus.
35/9 soldiers who have been brought over to Greece from Italy by Octavia.
32/16 All Italy takes an oath of allegiance to Octavianus.
31/20 Maecenas governs Italy in the absence of Octavianus.
31/30 ianus goes to Asia, after sending Agrippa to dispel unrest in Italy.
30/1 mutiny at Brundisium and allocates land in Italy to the veterans.

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