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  Jewish 2   Antiquities - a history of the Jews, by Josephus
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  + Antiquities
221/5 OGIS_726, the dedication of two Jewish synagogues in Egypt.
157/4a Inscr_24.D, the manumission of a Jewish woman and her daughters.
    Within translations:
Aristeas_4 itten on leather parchments in Jewish characters. This emb
Aristeas_6 worth relating about the Jewish race - the record [7] whic
Aristeas_11 ter to be written to the Jewish High Priest that his purpo
Aristeas_15 ate belongs to the whole Jewish race, what justification
Aristeas_22 and became possessed of Jewish captives and brought them
Aristeas_28 to the transcription of the Jewish books. For all affai
Aristeas_33 unt of the emancipation of the Jewish captives. And he gav
Aristeas_56 uctions laid down in the Jewish Scriptures, everything sho
Aristeas_121 acquired proficiency in Jewish literature, but had studie
Aristeas_176 was inscribed in gold in Jewish characters, for the parchm
Aristeas_* 182-184 * was taken in the case of the Jewish envoys. → Secti
Aristeas_308 collected together the Jewish population in the place
Aristeas_310 the translators and the Jewish community and the leaders
ChronSynt_65 scription drawn from the Jewish Antiquities of Josephus,
Eupolemus_2 artificer, the son of a Jewish mother, of the tribe of
Euseb]:Chron_43 the first book of his Antiquities [ Ap_1'128-160 ], as
Euseb]:Chron_113 the first book of his Jewish Antiquities, produced some
Euseb]:Chron_119 of our sacred writings in my Antiquities. That is what
Joseph:BJ_01.17 ite concerning the Antiquities of the Jews, who they were
Joseph:BJ_1.372 [372] & Now the Jewish nation were affrighted at this
NicDam_136 freedom; and the whole Jewish nation, blaming [Archelaus
Poseidon_69 Greece, to defeat this Jewish plot upon his life-blood

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