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  Joppa   - a city on the coast of Palestine, the modern Jaffa
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315/14 Antigonus expels Ptolemy' garrisons from Joppa and Gaza.
216/14d SEG_20.467, a statue of Ptolemy IV at Joppa.
163/10 Judas attacks Joppa and Jamnia in retaliation for atrocities against
    Within translations:
1Macc_10-15 *   encamped before Joppa, but the men of the city closed
2Macc_4   upon arriving at Joppa he proceeded to Jerusalem. 22
2Macc_12   peace. And some men of Joppa did so ungodly a deed as
Aristeas_115   ous harbours at Ascalon, Joppa, and Gaza, as well as at
Joseph:AJ_13.91   other Simon, and came to Joppa, and pitched his camp on
Joseph:AJ_13.92   nius, when he heard that Joppa was taken by Jonathan, took
Joseph:AJ_13.105   eet Ptolemy as far as Joppa, and obtained from him hosp
Joseph:AJ_13.180   aced in them, he came to Joppa; and when he had taken it,
Joseph:AJ_13.202   the son of Absalom, to Joppa, and gave him order to ejec
Joseph:AJ_13.215   overthrew the city Gazara, and Joppa, and Jamneia. He also
Joseph:AJ_13.246   rms, and pay tribute for Joppa, and the other cities which
Joseph:AJ_13.261   ffairs, who desired that Joppa, and the havens, and Gazara
Joseph:AJ_13.390   ntipatris, to the sea of Joppa, on which part only his arm
Joseph:AJ_13.395   rato's Tower, Apollonia, Joppa, Jamneia, Azotus, Gaza, Ant
Joseph:AJ_14.76   ritime cities, Gaza, and Joppa, and Dora, and Strato's Tow
Joseph:AJ_14.202   of the Jews, excepting Joppa, do pay a tribute yearly
Joseph:AJ_14.205   pleasure that the city Joppa, which the Jews had origina
Joseph:AJ_14.250   esire, the garrison that is in Joppa may be ejected. [251]
Joseph:AJ_14.396   hey were his relations,) Joppa was a hindrance to him, for
Joseph:AJ_14.397   when Herodes had taken Joppa, he made haste to set free
Joseph:AJ_15.217   cities, Gaza, and Anthedon, and Joppa, and Strato's Tower.
Joseph:AJ_15.333   by sea to Egypt, between Joppa and Dora, which are lesser
Joseph:BJ_1.50   er, and took Gazara, and Joppa, and Jamneia, which were
Joseph:BJ_1.99   tains, and the shores of Joppa; he also erected a high wal
Joseph:BJ_1.156   ritime cities, Gaza, and Joppa, and Dora, and that which
Joseph:BJ_1.292   endured. But still Joppa stood in his way, and hindered
Joseph:BJ_1.293   After this Herodes took Joppa, and then made haste to Mas
Joseph:BJ_1.396   cities, Gaza and Anthedon, and Joppa, and Strato's Tower.
Joseph:BJ_1.409   eashore between Dora and Joppa, in the middle, between whi
PCairZen_59093   he told us that Krotos is in Joppa, with the intention
Plin:HN_5.69   and the Phoenician city of Jope. This is said to have
Plin:HN_5.70   of Emmaus, Lydda, Jope, Accrabim, Gophana, Thamna,
Plin:HN_5.128   in the Phoenician Sea off Joppa lies Paria, the whole of
Plin:HN_6.213   Samaria, Jerusalem, Ascalon, Jope, Caesarea, Phoenicia, Ptolemais,
PSI_406   a sacred prostitute down to Joppa. And he went away to

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