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  Julia   - the aunt of Julius Caesar
69/27 Caesar makes a public speech at the funeral of his aunt Julia.

  Julia 4   - the sister of Julius Caesar, and grandmother of Augustus
Wikipedia entry
51/37 oration in honour of his grandmother Julia, the sister of Caesar.
    Within translations:
Schol:Bob_89 use; and this was confirmed by Julia, the sister of Caesar

  Julia 5   - the daughter of Julius Caesar
Wikipedia entry
59/17 Pompeius marries Julia, the daughter of Caesar.
54/32 {August -R} Julia, the daughter of Caesar and wife of Pompeius, dies
46/60 and shows of various kinds, some in memory of his daughter Julia.
ValMax_4.6.4   same affection was notable in Julia, the daughter of C. Caesar.

  Julia 6   - the daughter of Augustus
Wikipedia entry
39/14 vorces Scribonia, on the same day that their daughter Julia is born.
    Within translations:
Hieron:Chron_2012   stus banished his own daughter Julia, who had been caught
NicDam_134   eat kindness. When Julia, the daughter of Augustus and wif
Plin:HN_7.149   adultery of his daughter { Julia } and the disclosure of
Plut:Mor_207   miliar with his daughter Julia, being enraged he struck

  Julia 7   Domna - the wife of the emperor Severus
Wikipedia entry
Oros_7.18   his marriage to his stepmother Julia. In the course of a
SelPap_2.405   advancing Victory and Julia Domna Augusta and his d

  Julia   - in documents
CIL_add.2 (c. 45)   the colony Genetiva Julia, those duumvirs before
Syll_322 by birth son of Lykinos Julia Phlyconis daughter of G

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