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  Julianus   (Flavius Claudius Julianus) - Roman emperor, 361-363 A.D.
Wikipedia entry
  + Caesar , Julian
Caesars,- JULIAN, The Caesars
Misopogon,- JULIAN, Misopogon
ExcBarb_48B   younger, jointly for 24 years Julianus for 2 years - cons
Festus:Brev_28   [28] To princeps Julian, of proven good fortune against
Julian:Caes_306   mere nonsense." "But, Caesar, can there be anyone so
Oros_7.28-34 *   day, with the exception of Julian, whose pernicious life, it is

  Julianus 2   - uncle of the emperor Julianus; appointed to be Count of the Orient
Julian:Mis_340 do, and my uncle [ Count Julianus ] and my brother and

  Julianus 3   - a Jewish rebel, killed by the Romans in 117 A.D.
MegTaan_12 he had killed two Jews, Julianus and Pappus, at Laodicea;

  Julianus 4   - (Salvius_Julianus) - Roman jurist and consul, 148 A.D.
Wikipedia entry
SelPap_2.401 sulship of Torquatus and Julianus, Horatius Herenni

  Julianus 5   - (Julius_Julianus) - Roman consul, 325 A.D.
Wikipedia entry
SelPap_2.361 the consulship of Paulinus and Julianus the most illus

  Julianus   - in documents
SelPap_1.112 cohort of the Apameni to Julianus, vice-secretary,
SelPap_1.56 Sarapion son of Julianus, of Alexandria, dwellin
SelPap_2.218 have informed us that Julianus, pagarch of the Anta
SelPap_2.289 To Julius Julianus, centurion, from Her
SelPap_2.396 Flavius Theodorus Menas Julianus Jacob the most magni

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