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  Labeo   (Q. Fabius Labeo) - Roman consul, 183 B.C.
  + Fabius
189/14 Q.Fabius sails to Crete in an attempt to release Roman captives.
188/11 The triumph of Q.Fabius, for his naval victory over Antiochus.
183/_ Consuls: Q. Fabius Q.f. Labeo, M. Claudius M.f. Marcellus
173/7 Q.Fabius Labeo judges a dispute between Neapolis and Nola.
    Within translations:
Cic:Brut_81   ry. Quintus Fabius Labeo was likewise adorned with the sam
FastCap_p64   arcellus , Q. Fabius Q.f. Q.n. Labeo [182] & Cn. Baebius
FastTr_p103   Fabius Q.f. Q.n. Labeo, [praetor,] & naval triumph [from
Nepos_23.13   Marcellus and Quintus Fabius Labeo 183 B.C. Polybius, under
ValMax_7.3.4   also worth relating. Q. Fabius Labeo was appointed by the senate

  Labeo 2   (C. Atinius Labeo) - tribune of the plebs, 131 B.C.
131/5 The tribune C.Atinius Labeo attacks Q.Metellus, and threatens to thro
Plin:HN_7.143   Rock by Gaius Atinius Labeo, surnamed Macerio, tribune of
Plin:HN_7.146   that criminal audacity of Gaius Atinius for ever went unpunished.

  Labeo 3   (Q. Antistius Labeo) - a Roman jurist, and supporter of M.Brutus
Wikipedia entry
42/35 Labeo, Livius Drusus, Quintilius Varus and others commit suicide afte

  Labeo   - in documents
AnthPal_7.624 your surges Aegeus and Labeo, with their short-lived com
CIL_1.1216 1216 Latin Text Gaius Caninius Labeo. Found at Rome. S
CIL_1.677 Lucius Hordioni(us) (?) Labeo, freedman of Lucius C

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