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  Laevinus   (P. Valerius Laevinus) - Roman consul, 280 B.C.
280/_ Consuls: P. Valerius Laevinus, Ti. Coruncanius Ti.f.
    Within translations:
FastCap_p52 ppus [280] & P. Valerius . . . Laevinus , Ti. Coruncanius
Just_18.1 consul, Valerius Laevinus, hearing of his arrival, and
Plut:Mor_194 rthrown the Romans, told Laevinus, it was Pyrrhus, not the

  Laevinus 2   (M. Valerius Laevinus) - Roman consul, 220 B.C.
220/_ Consuls: M. Valerius P.f. Laevinus, Q. Mucius P.f. Scaevola
210/_ Consuls: M. Valerius P.f. Laevinus (II), M. Claudius M.f. Marcellus
210/1 Laevinus captures Anticyra.
210/2 sole consul, because his colleague Laevinus is delayed by sickness.
210/12 Laevinus captures Agrigentum.
    Within translations:
Ennius:Ann_324 expedition of Valerius Laevinus (214) : PRISCIANUS : The
FastCap_p62 lus IV , M. Valerius P.f. P.n. Laevinus II censors: L. Vet
Festus:Brev.7 yricum. The consul Laevinus, having first entered the Adri
Hieron:Chron_1808 1808] [not in Ar.] Laevinus made an alliance with Attalus,
Just_29.4 despatched the praetor Laevinus, with a well appointed

  Laevinus 3   (C. Valerius Laevinus) - Roman suffect consul, 176 B.C.
  + Valerius
176/3 C.Valerius Laevinus is elected consul in place of Scipio.
172/2 C.Valerius reports to the senate on the situation in Greece and Mac
    Within translations:
FastCap_p66 office , C. Valerius M.f. P.n. Laevinus - elected in his

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