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  Lampsacus   - a city in Mysia, Asia, on the coast of the Hellespont
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  + Lampsacenes , Lampsacenians
320/33 and writings of Anaximenes of Lampsacus, and of his pupil Timolaus.
309/6 Epicurus starts teaching at Mytilene, and then at Lampsacus.
306/8 iated with the leading men of Lampsacus during his stay in the city.
285/20 iletas of Cos and Straton of Lampsacus act as tutors of Ptolemy
196/1 Lampsacus and Smyrna appeal to Rome against Antiochus.
195/16 Syll_591, a decree of Lampsacus in honour of Hegesias, who had served
80/33 including Aspendus, Delos, Lampsacus, Myndus, Samos, Sicyon, and
35/3 x.Pompeius attacks the officers of Antonius, and captures Lampsacus.
    Within translations:
AnthPal_16.242 mountain, but guard holy Lampsacus by the shore of the Hel
Apollod:Fr_40 (Straton) & Straton of Lampsacus, head of the Peripateti
Athen_6.255 king was Adeimantus of Lampsacus, who having built a tem
Athen_11.508 too. And Euagon of Lampsacus (as Eurypylus says, and Dicae
Athen_12.520 hem. And Charon of Lampsacus tells a similar story about
Athen_13.605 which had been offered by the Lampsacenes. But Pharsalia
DiogLaert_10.15 ylene, and after that at Lampsacus; and when he had spent
DiogLaert_* 10.22-25 * Timocrates and Sande, of Lampsacus; who, from the time tha
Polyaen_2.1.26 silaus was encamped near Lampsacus, there came to him some
Polyaen_2.2.7 rived with four ships at Lampsacus, where apparently he
Polyaen_4.12.1 ment with Demetrius near Lampsacus, should start a mutiny
Polyaen_6.24.1 Thucydides, 7.17] [24] The Lampsacenians. The Lampsace
Polyaen_8.37.1 ith honour, and named the city Lampsacus after her. [See
SEG_53.1373 (late 3rd century)   eides Aristokrates of Lampsakos, the son of Skymnos
Syll_330 (c. 306)   d by Simalos of Lampsakos: since [Malousios] of Gar
THI_138 (early 2nd cent.)   ktides, Idomeneus of Lampsakos the son of Sphodriad
THI_215 (62 A.D.)   bsp; Parium,   Lampsacus,   [Abydus,
THI_38 (c. 304-301)   nce Adeimantos of Lampsakos, the son of Andro

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