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  Larensis   (P. Livius Larensis) - one of the speakers in the Deipnosophists of Athenaeus
Athen_2.50   nder himself. Then Larensis saysó "You, O Greeks, lay clai
Athen_5.221   Ulpianus had said this, Larensis bearing witness to the
Athen_6.270   prediction about you, O Larensis, - & There are none of
Athen_6.272   all these statements, Larensis rose up and said,- But
Athen_13.558   harlot. [7.] After Larensis had said all this, Leonides,
Athen_14.613   our liberal entertainer Larensis is every day constantly
Athen_14.620   our entertainments: for Larensis delighted in the reciter
Athen_15.701   another . . . Then Larensis prayed to all the gods

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