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  Licinia   - a Roman woman, accused of murdering her husband, 2nd century B.C.
153/22 Publicia and Licinia are put to death on suspicion of having murdered

  Licinia 2   - a Vestal Virgin, accused of breaking her vows, 114 B.C.
123/23 shrine dedicated by the vestal Licinia is not properly consecrated.
114/20 The Vestal virgin Licinia is acquitted after a speech by L.Crassus.
113/4 into the Vestal Virgins, and condemns Marcia, Licinia, and others.
    Within translations:
Cic:Brut_160 nded the [Vestal] virgin Licinia, when he was only twenty-

  Licinia 3   - another Vestal Virgin, first century B.C.
55/43a Plotius of an improper relationship with the Vestal virgin Licinia.

  Licinia 4   - the daughter of L.Crassus, and wife of P.Scipio Nasica
Cic:Brut_212 Crassus, the son of that Licinia, who was adopted by Crass

  Licinia 5   - a city in Cappadocia, founded by the Romans
Memn_26 and founded the city of Licinia by the border of Mithrida

  Licinia   - in documents
CIL_add.2 (c. 45)   eria, Caecilia, Scribonia, Licinia, Fulvia, Saluta

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