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  Licinius   (P. Valerius Licinianus Licinius) - Roman emperor, 307-324 A.D.
Wikipedia entry
Julian:Caes_315   of heroes. As for Licinius, he came as far as the door,
Oros_7.28   of Severus, Galerius made Licinius emperor. 12 Galerius himself
SelPap_1.22   onsulship of our masters Licinius Augustus for the 6th
SelPap_2.238   onsulship of our masters Licinius Augustus for the 6th
SelPap_2.345   onsulship of our masters Licinius Augustus for the 5th

  Licinius 2   (S. Licinius) - tribune of the plebs, 138 B.C.
138/6 The tribunes Licinius and Curiatius place the consuls in prison.

  Licinius 3   - a Roman official at the Lupercalia, 44 B.C.
NicDam_130.71 ple toga. At first Licinius advanced toward him carrying

  Licinius   - in documents
CIL_1.2510 will and testament of Lucius Licinius son of Titus.

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