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  Longus   (K. Duilius Longus) - Roman decemvir, 450 B.C.
FastCap_p32 Libo Visolus K. Duilius . . . Longus Sp. Oppius . . . Cor

  Longus 2   (C. Duilius Longus) - consular tribune, 399 B.C.
FastCap_p36 Augurinus C. Duilius K.f. K.n. Longus L. Atilius L.f. L.n.

  Longus 3   (C. Sulpicius Longus) - Roman consul, 337 B.C.
  + Sulpicius
323/_ Consuls: C. Sulpicius Longus (II), Q. Aulius Cerretanus
319/17 C.Sulpicius Longus is elected censor, but later resigns.
314/_ Consuls: M. Poetelius M.f. Libo, C. Sulpicius Ser.f. Longus (III)
314/23 The triumph of Sulpicius, over the Samnites.
312/5 C.Junius (or C.Sulpicius) is appointed dictator in anticipation of
    Within translations:
FastCap_p46 . , C. Sulpicius Ser.f. Q.n. Longus - (?) resigned [318]
FastCap_p48 ator: C. Sulpicius Ser.f. Q.n. Longus , magister equitum:
FastTr_p96 picius Ser.f. Q.n. Longus, consul (III), & over the Samnit

  Longus 4   (Ti. Sempronius Longus) - Roman consul, 218 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
  + Sempronius
218/_ Consuls: P. Cornelius L.f. Scipio, Ti. Sempronius C.f. Longus
218/23 Sempronius defeats the Carthaginian fleet at Lilybaeum.
218/38 Sempronius makes preparations at Lilybaeum.
218/56 Sempronius joins Scipio, and defeats Hannibal's Gallic allies in a
217/1 Sempronius returns to Rome to hold elections for new consuls.
215/27 Ti.Sempronius Longus defeats a Carthaginian force under Hanno near
    Within translations:
FastCap_p60   pio , Ti. Sempronius C.f. C.n. Longus [217] & Cn. Serviliu
Nepos_23.4   with his colleague Tiberius Longus, opposed him at the
Oros_4.14   as before. When the consul Sempronius learned of the fate of

  Longus 5   (Ti. Sempronius Longus) - Roman consul, 194 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
  + Sempronius
194/_ Cornelius P.f. Scipio Africanus (II), Ti. Sempronius Ti.f. Longus
194/11 Sempronius fights an indecisive battle against the Boii.
    Within translations:
FastCap_p64   , Ti. Sempronius Ti.f. C.n. Longus censors: Sex. Aelius
Oros_4.20   Scipio Africanus and T. Sempronius Longus 194 B.C. the Romans slew
ValMax_4.5.1   time that Africanus and T. Longus were consuls, the senate and

  Longus 6   (Ti. Longus) - a relative of Tuditanus, 1st century B.C.
75/50 Ti.Longus fails in a legal challenge to the terms of Tuditanus' will.

  Longus 7   (Lucilius Longus) - suffect consul, 7 A.D.
FastCap_p86 1st July: . . Lucilius . . . Longus [8AD] & tribunician

  Longus 8   (Velius Longus) - Latin grammarian, 2nd century A.D.
Wikipedia entry
Ennius:Ann_322 sted that we must trust Velius Longus, . . . who wrote tha

  Longus 9   (M'. Tullius Longus) - Roman consul, 500 B.C.
  + Tullius
Cic:Brut_62 descended from M'. Tullius, who was a patrician, and share

  Longus 10   (C. Sempronius Longus) - associate of Asellio, the governor of Sicily, early 1st century B.C.
Diod_37.8 hose as his legate Gaius Longus, the worthiest of his frie

  Longus   - in documents
SelPap_1.120 Antonius Longus to Nilous his mother
SelPap_1.85 to Sarapion and Socrates and Longus. Likewise for Cl
SelPap_2.368 Longinus Longus, standard-bearer of

Longussee Vulso5

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