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  Lucretia   - daughter of Sp.Lucretius; raped by Sex.Tarquinius
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Cic:Rep_2.46   his elder son violated Lucretia, the daughter of Tricipitinus
Ennius:Ann_162   rquinius Superbus. Lucretia outraged lies on a roof : MACR
Ennius:Ann_163   ing stars. [163] & Lucretia prepares for death : GELLIUS
Oros_2.4   by the disgraceful rape of Lucretia. Along with his vices at
Plin:HN_34.28   statues were not voted to Lucretia and Brutus, who had driven
ValMax_6.1.1   [1.1]   Lucretia is the first example of

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