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  Macedonia   - a country north of Greece
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  + Macedon , Macedonian , Macedonians , Macedonic
324/7 Nearchus leads the Macedonian fleet back to Susa.
324/23 ves a group of 30,000 Persian youths, dressed in Macedonian fashion.
323/37 The Macedonian soldiers go to see Alexander, while he lies dying.
323/45 After violent disputes, the Macedonians agree to appoint Perdiccas
323/46 Philippus Arrhidaeus becomes king of the Macedonians.
323/47 The Macedonians discuss plans for the funeral of Alexander.
323/48 The Macedonians appoint satraps to govern the provinces of their empi
323/56 Athens decides to start a war against Macedonia.
323/59 ades some Peloponnesian cities to join in the war against Macedonia.
322/2 success of Leosthenes as Athenian general against the Macedonians.
322/7 ans not to invade Boeotia, and defeats the Macedonians near Rhamnus.
322/8 Leonnatus joins the Macedonian army in Thessaly, but he is killed in
322/9 leitus, the commander of the Macedonian fleet, decisively defeats the
322/11 Craterus brings another Macedonian army to join Antipater in Thessaly
322/22 The Macedonians defeat the Greek army near Crannon in Thessaly.
322/23 other Greek states come to terms separately with the Macedonians.
322/27 urrender to Antipater, and a Macedonian garrison is installed in Muny
322/42 an outstanding orator and a determined opponent of the Macedonians.
320/23 The Macedonian leaders meet at Triparadeisus; Antipater is appointed
320/32 Asia to Antigonus, and returns to Macedonia with the royal family.
319/2 gonus sends Leonidas to lead some mutinous troops back to Macedonia.
319/10 mades is sent as an envoy to Macedonia, and is put to death together
318/10 Polyperchon invites Olympias to return to Macedonia.
318/11 appoint Eumenes to be commander of the Macedonian forces in Asia.
317/4 Cassander invades Macedonia and expels Polyperchon.
317/7 Polyperchon reoccupies Macedonia with help from Olympias, and capture
317/20 Olympias massacres her opponents in Macedonia.
317/27 Sandracottus frees India from Macedonian control.
313/1 henian decree, in honour of Asander, the Macedonian satrap of Caria.
310/27 olyperchon sets up Heracles as a pretender to the Macedonian throne.
308/3 Ophellas, the Macedonian governor of Cyrene, brings an army to help
307/5a The Macedonian garrison leaves Eretria.
304/20 Olympiodorus recaptures the Peiraeus from the Macedonians.
301/4b _12.9.212, an Eretrian decree in honour of Arrhidaeus, a Macedonian.
294/18 Pyrrhus intervenes in Macedonia, to help Alexander against his brothe
294/19 murders Alexander, expels Antipater, and becomes king of Macedonia.
292/_ Olympic victor in the stadion race: Antigonus of Macedonia
292/6 refuses invitations to travel to the courts of Macedonia and Egypt.
289/7 Pyrrhus invades Macedonia, but is driven out by Demetrius.
288/_ Olympic victor in the stadion race: Antigonus of Macedonia (II)
288/17 army deserts to Pyrrhus, and Demetrius loses control of Macedonia.
288/19 The partition of Macedonia between Pyrrhus and Lysimachus.
287/1 captures the Museium, and frees Athens from its Macedonian garrison.
285/16 Lysimachus expels Pyrrhus from Macedonia.
284/1 Eleusis, and Olympiodorus defends it against a Macedonian attack.
282/32 Ariarathes II expels the Macedonians and regains control of Cappadoci
281/35 Ceraunus assassinates Seleucus and makes himself king of Macedonia.
281/41 Ceraunus and gets help from Macedonia for his expedition to Italy.
279/2 The Gauls invade Macedonia; Ptolemy Ceraunus rejects an offer
279/6 efeated and killed by the Gauls; Meleager is made king of Macedonia.
279/23 Antipater "Etesias" replaces Meleager as king of Macedonia.
279/31 laims himself general of the Macedonians, but avoids the title of kin
278/7 Sosthenes, which is followed by two years of anarchy in Macedonia.
277/15 Antigonus Gonatas defeats Antipater and becomes king of Macedonia.
276/9 and Alexander of Aetolia to Macedonia, at the time of his marriage
274/17 Pyrrhus invades Macedonia.
274/18 Pyrrhus defeats Antigonus and wins over the Macedonian army.
268/_ Olympic victor in the stadion race: Seleucus of Macedonia
266/6 in honour of ephebes who served in the war against the Macedonians.
261/10 Alexander of Epirus invades Macedonia, but is defeated by Demetrius,
240/34 ratus breaks a truce with the Macedonians by attacking the Peiraeus.
238/7 The Aetolian and Achaean leagues form an alliance against Macedonia.
233/5 Aratus is defeated by the Macedonian general Bithys at Phylacia.
230/4 The Dardani invade Macedonia and defeat Demetrius.
228/3 The Macedonian garrison is persuaded to abandon the Peiraeus.
227/8 Antigonus Doson officially assumes the title of king of Macedonia.
222/17 The Macedonians recall Antigonus because of an Illyrian invasion.
220/22 ors to seek aid from their allies, including Philippus of Macedonia.
215/22 alliance is agreed between Hannibal and Philippus of Macedonia.
214/19 The Romans relieve Apollonia; start of the First Macedonian War.
209/11 ippus is forced to return to Macedonia after receiving news of an inv
205/18 General descriptions of the First Macedonian War.
205/19 between the Romans and Philippus; end of the First Macedonian War.
201/16 Rhodes are defeated by the Macedonians at Lade, but win another bat
200/9 declare war on Philippus; the start of the Second Macedonian War.
200/20 Sulpicius crosses over to Macedonia with a Roman army.
199/16 Villius arrives in Macedonia to take over command of the Roman army.
198/4 consuls leave for their provinces in Cisalpine Gaul and Macedonia.
198/15 The Macedonians gain control of Argos.
197/22 on the course of the Second Macedonian War, and the role of the vari
197/23 peace terms with Philippus; the end of the Second Macedonian War.
196/2 after the assassination of the Macedonian sympathizer Brachylles.
183/2 Demetrius returns to Macedonia.
183/31 Philippus sends colonists from central Macedonia to Emathia.
182/3 Perseus accuses Demetrius of plotting to become king of Macedonia.
179/7 in_75, containing regulations on discipline in the Macedonian army.
179/22 The Thracian king Abrupolis invades Macedonia.
179/30 renews the alliance between Macedonia and Rome, and is officially
175/1 Roman embassy returns from Macedonia and reports on Perseus' polici
174/3 reports on contacts between the Carthaginians and the Macedonians.
172/2 the situation in Greece and Macedonia, and supports the accusations
172/13 what line to take in the imminent war between Rome and Macedonia.
171/19 Cassius attempts to march on Macedonia through Illyria.
171/21 to his winter quarters in Macedonia; and Cotys returns to Thrace.
171/25 Rhodians agree to release their Macedonian prisoners for a ransom.
170/4 Hostilius attempts to invade Macedonia by a mountain route.
170/23 report back to the senate on the conduct of the war in Macedonia.
169/15 Philippus penetrates into Macedonia.
169/28 alleged contacts between the Macedonians and Cydas, an officer of Eum
169/32 Paullus is assigned Macedonia as his province immediately after his
168/2 Legates from Macedonia return to Rome at evening time.
168/3 The legates from Macedonia appear before the senate; Paullus makes
168/4 Paullus leaves for Macedonia, after celebrating the Feriae Latinae.
168/7 The Macedonian fleet sails into the Aegean, and surprises a convoy
168/18 Nasica defeats the Macedonian garrison at Pythium.
168/25 unsubstantiated rumour about victory in Macedonia spreads at Rome.
168/31 The Macedonian fleet withdraws to Cassandreia after receiving news
168/37 war between Rome and Perseus, and the Roman conquest of Macedonia.
168/38 ans; the end of the war against Perseus, the last king of Macedonia.
168/50 aullus rewards Q.Tubero with some silver from the Macedonian spoils.
167/1 senate sends out ten envoys to oversee the settlement of Macedonia.
167/7 oys announce the division of Macedonia into four independent states.
167/9 proves his courage while hunting in the royal parks of Macedonia.
167/34 sits Rome, and congratulates the senate on the victory in Macedonia.
158/13 The mines in Macedonia are reopened.
149/18 The prosperous condition of Macedonia under the republics.
149/19 Andriscus gains control of Macedonia.
148/22 Metellus captures Andriscus; end of the rebellion in Macedonia.
148/24 Africa, Mauretania, and Macedonia, urging other states to join
146/6 Macedonia is organized into a Roman province.
146/36 Metellus, who brings back some statues by Lysippus from Macedonia.
142/7 ellius defeats and kills another pretender to the Macedonian throne.
140/1 lanus guilty of extortion in Macedonia, and Silanus commits suicide.
126/9a Valarsaces defeats the Macedonians, and strengthens the kingdom of
104/10 The Romans defeat a band of Thracians in Macedonia.
89/14 their king Sothinus, invade Macedonia, but are forced back by C.Sent
88/69 Profiteering by C.Sentius, the Roman governor of Macedonia.
87/6 order Bruttius to return to Macedonia, leaving Sulla to fight agains
86/24 cathias and Taxiles, the generals of Mithridates, overrun Macedonia.
86/25 The Thracians invade Macedonia again.
86/38 Flaccus marches through Macedonia after being appointed by the senate
77/4 Cn.Dolabella celebrates a triumph, for his victories in Macedonia.
77/21 his legate Fonteius defend Macedonia against raids from the Thracia
77/35 on a charge of extortion in Macedonia; he is defended by Hortensius,
76/10 Appius Claudius falls ill and dies while fighting in Macedonia.
67/18 elf and his soldiers while serving as military tribune in Macedonia.
67/21 loys a stratagem to prevent the desertion of his Macedonian cavalry.
61/18 C.Antonius, as governor of Macedonia, fights unsuccessfully against
61/19 Plancius and Sestius serve under Antonius in Macedonia.
60/13 runaway slaves at Thurii, on his way to the province of Macedonia.
58/13 the consuls the provinces of Macedonia and Cilicia (later changed to
58/33 C.Octavius dies while travelling home to Rome from Macedonia.
58/34 Cicero crosses over from Italy to Macedonia.
58/37 Cn.Plancius, as quaestor in Macedonia, welcomes and protects Cicero.
57/57 sul, plunders the province of Macedonia, and loses part of his army.
56/50 commits further outrages in Macedonia, after hearing that he is abou
55/20 Piso returns from Macedonia to Rome.
55/30 Cic:Pis, Cicero's speech condemning Piso's conduct in Macedonia.
54/58 m_13.40, a letter from Cicero to Q.Ancharius, governor of Macedonia.
49/48 gathers reinforcements in Macedonia from many of the Roman provinc
49/70 ius sends his troops into winter quarters in Thessaly and Macedonia.
48/23 Scipio arrives in Macedonia and fights against Cassius and Longinus,
44/108 given command of the army in Macedonia, and summons it back to Brundi
44/134 Brutus seizes control of Macedonia.
44/50 is assigned to Dolabella, Macedonia to Antonius, Crete to Brutus,
43/19 10, a speech of Cicero about the successes of M.Brutus in Macedonia.
42/13 Saxa and Norbanus occupy Macedonia with the advance forces of the tri
42/20 and Octavianus sail with their army from Brundisium to Macedonia.
39/1 The triumph of Censorinus, from Macedonia.
Appian,- APPIAN, Macedonica

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