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  Malichus   - a Jew, enemy of Antipater and Herodes, 1st century B.C.
43/64 Malichus murders Antipater.
43/77 Herodes kills Malichus.
    Within translations:
Joseph:AJ_14.84 aders were Pitholaus and Malichus; and they took with them
Joseph:AJ_14.273 it was to be exacted by Malichus, who was ill-disposed
Joseph:AJ_* 14.276-293 * ius was so very angry at Malichus, that he had killed him,
Joseph:AJ_14.296 their enemies; [296] for Malichus's brother had made many
Joseph:BJ_01.162 ews under the command of Malichus and Pitholaus, these joi
Joseph:BJ_* 01.220-231 * ong them he required one Malichus, who was at enmity with
Joseph:BJ_01.234 where they encompassed Malichus round about, and killed
Joseph:BJ_01.235 by this mehod Herodes inflicted punishment upon Malichus.

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