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  Mariamme   - daughter of Alexander; second wife of Herod
Wikipedia entry
37/5 Herodes marries Mariamme.
30/33 Herodes starts to have acrimonious quarrels with his wife Mariamme.
    Within translations:
Joseph:AJ_15.23   Aristobulus; and her daughter, Mariamme, was married to Herod,
Joseph:AJ_15.25   boy, and no less at Mariamme, the king's wife, and was
Joseph:AJ_15.31   dishonourably; but his wife Mariamme begged him vehemently to
Joseph:AJ_15.81   often had criminal intimacy with Mariamme. The reason for her saying
Joseph:AJ_15.185   government. [185] But as to Mariamme his wife, because of the
Joseph:AJ_15.202   in disorder, and his wife Mariamme and her mother Alexandra very
Joseph:AJ_15.213   this mood with regard to Mariamme they thought they had now
Joseph:AJ_15.218   the affection he had for Mariamme was no way inferior to
Joseph:AJ_15.225   somewhat hastily, and said that Mariamme had given him presents, and
Joseph:AJ_15.233-241 *   of the crimes laid against Mariamme, she leaped out of her
Joseph:AJ_15.65-73 *   he also should kill Mariamme immediately; [66]   because
Joseph:AJ_20.248   and had taken his sister Mariamme to wife, he thereby aime
Joseph:BJ_1.241   ter; so did he now marry Mariamme, the daughter of Alexand
Joseph:BJ_1.345   When he had thus married Mariamme, he came back to Jerusal
Joseph:BJ_1.432   was Doris, and married Mariamme, the daughter of Alexand
Joseph:BJ_1.433   the sake of his sons by Mariamme, and permitted him to
Joseph:BJ_1.521   the spirits of Hyrcanus and Mariamme ; for it would ill
Joseph:BJ_1.563   were two daughters by Mariamme, sisters of Alexander and
Joseph:BJ_1.566   uncle. Of his daughters by Mariamme, one was given to Antipater,
Joseph:BJ_1.586   next victims. Having slain Mariamme and her offspring, he

  Mariamme   - daughter of the high priest; third wife of Herod
Wikipedia entry
Joseph:BJ_1.562   of Doris, Herod of Mariamme, the high-priest's daughter, Antipater
Joseph:BJ_1.573   the king's son by Mariamme, the high-priest's daughter, as
Joseph:BJ_1.599   from suspicion. Thus, even Mariamme, the high-priest's daughter, was

  Mariamme   - daughter of Aristobulus and granddaughter of Herod
Wikipedia entry
Joseph:BJ_1.553   two daughters, Herodias and Mariamme. After the execution of

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