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  Maron   - son of Euanthes; an ancient vintner
Wikipedia entry
[Tib]:PanMes_45 was ravaged when the wine of Maron made it close. He bor
Athen_1.28 Lesbian wine, & Which Maron himself appears to me to

  Maron   - in documents
PCairZen_59195 eeting. I sent you Maron to be responsible for the Milesia
PSI_500 the Third Century B.C.', p. 56 Maron to Zenon greetings.
SelPap_2.248 Cronion son of Pakebkis, Maron son of Cronion, Maron
SelPap_2.286 kelo and Sarapion son of Maron and their scribe Ptolem
SelPap_2.338 deputy prophet, and from Maron son of Cronion son of H

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