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  Methone   - a city on the coast of Messenia, Greece
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  + Mothone
229/6 The Illyrians make a raid on Mothone.
31/5 Agrippa attacks Methone, and kills Bogud.
    Within translations:
Oros_6.19   by storm the city of Mothona, which was defended by a
Plin:HN_4.15   the towns of Pylus and Methone, the place called Helos, the
Plut:Arat_12   he set sail for Methone, above the promontory of Malea,
PsCallisth_1.23   there is a city called Mothone some distance from the

  Methone 2   - a city on the coast of Macedonia
Wikipedia entry     ☆ DARE (map)
Aelian:NA_9.7   lost an eye at the siege of Methone.* Sucking-fish
Athen_6.235   on the Constitution of Methone, says - "Parasites were
Demetr:Eloc_263   ass over Olynthus, Methone, Apollonia, and the two-and-thi
Just_7.6   he was besieging Methone, an arrow, shot from the walls
Oros_3.12   while storming the city of Methone, Philip was struck by an
Plut:Mor_851   by Philippus at Pydna, Methone, and Olynthus; that himse

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