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  Minturnae   - a town in Latium, Italy
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295/27 Roman colonies are founded at Minturnae and Sinuessa.
88/39 Marius is discovered hiding in a swamp near Minturnae.
88/40 The inhabitants of Minturnae send a Gaul to kill Marius, but he fails
    Within translations:
Athen_1.7   belly, living chiefly at Minturnae, a city of Campania,
CIL_1.682   tions of the Ager Campanus and Minturnae. The Hamle
Obseq_27a   Ardea it rained earth. At Minturnae a wolf lacerated a guard
Oros_5.9   far and wide. At Minturnae, the Romans crucified five
Oros_5.19   himself in the swamps of Minturnae, where he had the bad
Plin:HN_3.59   still exists the colony of Minturnae, through which runs the river
ValMax_1.5.5   house of one Fannia at Minturnae for his security. For he
ValMax_2.10.6   in a private house in Minturnae, did not dare to attack
ValMax_8.2.3   nature. For C. Titinius of Minturnae took Fannia as his wife,

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