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  Modin   - a village north-west of Jerusalem; the home of the Maccabees
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  + Modein
166/5 upts the pagan sacrifices at Modin: beginning of the Maccabaean revol
163/22 night attack by Judas on the Syrian camp near Modin.
    Within translations:
1Macc_2 from Jerusalem and settled in Modein. He had five sons,
1Macc_9 the tomb of their fathers at Modein, 20 and wept for him
1Macc_13 his brother, and buried him in Modein, the city of his fat
1Macc_16 and camped for the night in Modein. Early in the morni
2Macc_13 alth, he pitched his camp near Modein. 15 He gave his men
Hieron:Chron_1848 ficers at the village of Modin, and defended his country's
Joseph:AJ_12.265 Mattathias, who dwelt at Modin, the son of John, the son
Joseph:AJ_12.268 the king were come to Modin, that they might compel the
Joseph:AJ_12.285 rward, and was buried at Modin; all the people making grea
Joseph:AJ_12.432 ied it to the village of Modin, where their father had bee
Joseph:AJ_13.210 them in their own city Modin; and all the people made
Joseph:BJ_01.36 ived in a village called Modin, armed himself, together
Porph:Fr_52 ias, from the village of Modin, who rebelled against the
Porph:Fr_54 that in the village of Modin, which was the home of Matt

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