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  Moesia   - a Roman province by the river Danube, north of Macedonia
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  + Moesiacians , Moesians , Moesias
!Festus:Brev_7-9   gated the Dardanians and Moesiacians and was the first com
Aelian:NA_2.53   whale. [53] & In Moesia* the oxen draw loads and are
Aelian:NA_11.27   ple of Chaonia* and of Moesia by a dove; and the people
Aelian:NA_15.25   the same diet. In Moesia while mares are in process of
Festus:Brev_3   ugated; with Dardanians, Moesians, and Thracians it warred
Oros_1.2.30   55 The boundaries of Moesia are on the east the
Oros_1.2.60   Raetia are on the east Moesia, on the south Histria, on
Oros_6.21   Illyrians, Pannonians, Dalmatians, Moesians, Thracians and the
Oros_7.25   troops throughout Illyricum and Moesia, and hurriedly returning to
Plin:HN_3.149   the Saus mentioned above. Moesia contains the Dardani, Celegeri,
Plinius:Ep_10.74   prisoner by Susagus in Moesia, and sent as a present by
Plinius:Ep_10.42-44 *   to have been legate of Lower Moesia in 112 A.D. [43]

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