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  Morgantina   - a city in eastern Sicily
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  + Murgantines
319/14 Agathocles captures Leontini with an army from Morgantina.
132/7 Gorgus of Morgantina and his father are killed by runaway slaves.
    Within translations:
Diod_34.2   and so ended his days at Morgantina by a death worthy of
Diod_34.11   [11] & Gorgus of Morgantina, surnamed Cambalus, was one
Diod_36.4   her raids, they attacked Morgantina, a strong and well-for
Diod_36.7   kewise, who had besieged Morgantina, after harassing all
Just_22.2   ile. [22.2] By the Murgantines, with whom he took refuge
Plin:HN_3.91   the Magellini, the Murgentini, the Mutycenses, the

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