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  Naiad   - a nymph of streams and water
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  + Naiades , Naiads
AnthPal_7.717 nymous & { H 50 } & You Naiads, and you cool pastures,
AnthPal_9.328 MOSTRATUS & { H 1 } & O Naiad Nymphs, who shed from the
AnthPal_9.827 the water of the silver Naiads, soothing the young boy
Anyte_9.745 ten in the mountains the Naiad, caressing his cheeks, took
Athen_14.617 inspired dance among the Naiades; & Blending a song of
Memn_28 aea took its name from a Naiad (river nymph) called Nicaea

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