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  Nubia   - a region to the south of Egypt
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  + Nubian , Nubians
170/19a _107, a dedication on behalf of Ptolemy VI at Parembole in Nubia.
148/2a THI_161, a petition from priests of the Nubian god Mandulis.
    Within translations:
AET_3.5.21   5 There is no Nubian who leaves his skin.
AET_4.15.A   the king's house in Nubia, Petiesi, justified son of Pakhnum,
AET_4.15.B   (?) of] the gods of Nubia, who gave prosperity to him
AET_6.12   Nakht-nebef.   Ḥor, the Nubian who is under the
Plin:HN_6.192   from this island are the Nubian Ethiopians, whose town Tenupsis is
THI_260   (186)   ther with the band of Nubians who had joined him

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