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  Octavia   - sister of the emperor Augustus; wife of M.Antonius
Wikipedia entry
52/7 that Pompeius should marry Octavia, the grand-daughter of Caesar's
40/23 Octavianus at Brundisium, and agrees to marry his sister Octavia.
39/13 The birth of Antonia Major, the daughter of Antonius and Octavia.
36/1 The birth of Antonia Minor, the daughter of Antonius and Octavia.
35/9 soldiers who have been brought over to Greece from Italy by Octavia.
35/14 to Rome, where he grants additional honours to Octavia and Livia.
32/7 Antonius formally divorces Octavia.
    Within translations:
Malal_219   rippa, and gave him his sister Octavia to be his wife. The
OGIS_456.B   (c. 20) fe, Julia, and his sister, Octavia, and his children and relativ
Oros_6.19   against his own wife, Octavia, who was Caesar's sister.
Ovid:Cons_59   ippa's corpse, lo! his sister {Octavia} receives the rites
Ovid:Cons_429   tell old stories here ? Octavia wept Marcellus, and each
Plin:HN_37.11   of Venus and by Marcellus, Octavia's son, who dedicated one in
ValMax_9.15.2   of his most dear sister Octavia; saying that, on account of

Octaviasee Porticus

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