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  Osiris   - Egyptian god
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Plutarch,- PLUTARCH, Isis and Osiris
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Aelian:NA_10.45   seeking everywhere for Osiris,* Dogs led the way and
Aelian:NA_10.46   was born from the wounds of Osiris. They identify Osiri
AET_1.10   Come to your house, O Osiris, First of the Westerners, come
AET_1.10.colophon   the bwnt ; prophet of Osiris the great one of the
AET_1.11   Sisters in the temple of Osiris, First of the Westerners, the
AET_2.3.B   of Memphis." Go before Osiris, and say before Osiris,
AET_4.9.C   your is the stomach of Osiris, Lord of Bûsiris, so that
AET_4.9.D   Honoured before Osiris, Lord of Iat Mat; praised
AET_4.10.A   dwell in the Duat, before Osiris."
AET_4.10.B   O Osiris- justified good youth within the
AET_4.11.A   I reached the City of Osiris, the District of Anubis. My
AET_4.12   (41)   r-loving God, the New Osiris, son of the Sun, Lor
AET_4.12.A   his god Amon, prophet of Osiris who resides in the Castle
AET_4.13   Father-loving Sister-loving God, the New Osiris son of the Sun, Lord
AET_4.15.A   An offering to Osiris, first-born god, great in Abydos,
AET_4.16   that the king gives and Osiris the foremost of the westerners,
AET_4.17   of Mut, of Khonsu, of Osiris, of Harsiesis, the prophet of
AET_4.19.A     Priest of Isis and Osiris . . .,   Priest
AET_4.19.B     Priest of Chonsu, Osiris, Chonsu-the-Child, and Amun of
AET_5.5   [goddess,] Imhotep, son of Ptah, Osiris, lord of the crypt, Osiris,
AET_5.7.A   Says Osiris, dweller in Imentet, Wennefer, the
AET_5.7.B   May Osiris, the dweller in Imentet, the
AET_5.8   that the king gives and Osiris, foremost of the westerners, the
AET_6.7   - here before Isis and Osiris, the gods of Sgntn, the
AET_8.9   } [ Seten du to Osiris ] to Har-pe-khroti, the very
AET_8.12   the son of Isis and Osiris, who avenged his father Osiris
AET_8.13   (c. 90)   day of the union of Osiris with the left eye of Ra
AET_8.13.F   day of the union of Osiris with the left eye of
AET_8.19   the nine peoples, son of Osiris, born of Isis, who has
AET_9.12   [1]   [" Osiris, the god?s father], prophet of
AET_9.2.B   Lands Cleopatra beloved of the Osiris the beneficent ba On this
AET_9.2.E   [E]   Utterance of the Osiris Buchis living ba of Re,
Athen_4.175   monaulos an invention of Osiris, just as they say that kin
Euseb]:Chron_133   emon; then] Cronus; then Osiris; then Typhon the brother
Euseb]:Chron_141   first place of honour after Osiris. Lamares, for 8 year
Phylarch_78   ulls to Egypt, called Apis and Osiris. [79] & Plut:Mor_680
Plin:HN_5.60   of and the temple of Osiris, in the interior of Libya
POxy_1380   mals in the sanctuary of Osiris, they become joyful when
PsCallisth_1.31   hat the shrine was the tomb of Osiris. He sacrificed to
RC_5   pattern, inscribed "of Osiris", weight 190 drachmas
SelPap_2.316   also a hieroglyphic carver of Osiris the most great
THI_251   (29)   hty one, beloved of Osiris Buchis, Great God, Lord
THI_263.19   (c. 118) you victorious for his father Osiris . . . with orders

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