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  Paphos   - a city on the south-west coast of Cyprus
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  + Palaepaphos , Paphian
310/11 Ptolemy forces Nicocles, the king of Paphos, to commit suicide.
272/6 The death of the writer Sopater of Paphos.
145/7a scr_68, honours granted by catapulters at Paphos to their engineer.
    Within translations:
AnthPal_16.160 Aphrodite of Praxiteles Paphian Cythereia came through
AntipSid_16.178 pigram by Antisthenes of Paphos on the same subject) π&
Apollonid_9.791 yourself more than because of Paphos. & * & The poem is
Arrian:Fr_10 of Soli and Nicocles of Paphos, and also Androcles of Ama
Asclepiad_5.158 ermione, and she wore, O Paphian Queen, a girdle of many
Asclepiad_5.209 LEPIADES By thy shore, O Paphian Cythereia, Cleander saw
Athen_6.255 a certain young man, a Paphian by birth, but a king by
Athen_6.257 that. & (B) & In Paphos, where you should have seen the
OGIS_84 (217-210)   es, and towards the city of Paphos. [B]   [The
Philip_13.1 & { G-P 62 } & Hail, Paphian goddess ! For all mortals
Phld:Epigr_5.115 ell in love with Demo of Paphos - nothing surprising in
POxy_1380 p~isis_hymns.html#6 young, . . . ; at Paphos hallowed, divine, gentle ; in
THI_68 (163-145)   him in the temple of Paphian Aphrodite; and to cel

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