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  Parthia   - a country to the east of Persia; home of the Arsacid kings
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  + Parthi , Parthian , Parthians
307/18 Seleucus conquers the Parthians.
247/10 The Parthians gain independence from Seleucid rule.
247/11 Arsaces is proclaimed king of the Parthians.
238/12 between Seleucus and Antiochus, to expand his control over Parthia.
230/6 an expedition against the Parthians, but he fails to completely
216/15 omments on the growth of the Parthian kingdom under Arsaces, who esta
216/16 The death of Arsaces I, king of Parthia.
209/8 Antiochus forces the Parthian king into submission.
190/14 Phriapitius becomes king of Parthia.
175/5 eath of Phriapitius, and accession of Phraates I as king of Parthia.
170/8 The Parthian king Phraates defeats the Mardi, and settles them at Cha
170/9 The accession of Mithridates I of Parthia.
164/4 Antiochus IV campaigns against the Parthians.
159/7 Eucratides of Bactria is defeated by the Parthians.
156/13 The birth of Sinatroces, the future king of Parthia.
148/9b The Parthian king establishes his brother Valarsaces as ruler of Arme
147/9 Mithridates of Parthia conquers large areas of Media and the East,
139/11 Demetrius is captured by the Parthians.
138/18 The death of Mithridates I of Parthia and accession of Phraates II.
131/19 reprisals by Bagayasha, a Parthian leader, against the citizens
128/4 The Parthians fortify Ctesiphon, opposite Seleuceia on the river Tigr
128/7 eat and death of Phraates of Parthia in battle against the Scythians,
124/1a The Parthians defeat and capture Pittit, the leader of the Elamites.
123/6 Artabanus I of Parthia is killed in battle against the Tocharii and
95/10b Mithridates of Parthia attacks Artavasdes, king of Armenia.
95/11 after being released by the Parthians, and enters into negotiations
94/7 Sulla meets Orobazus, a Parthian envoy, by the river Euphrates, and
88/48 Philippus defeats Demetrius, who goes into exile in Parthia.
84/22a ranes of Armenia defeats the Parthians and conquers part of Mesopotam
77/40 The accession of Sinatroces, as king of Parthia.
70/39 The death of Sinatroces, king of Parthia.
68/5 ridates writes to Arsaces of Parthia, asking for his assistance again
68/11 into Armenia, amidst rumours that he is planning to invade Parthia.
66/9 ith Mithridates, and makes a pact with Phraates the king of Parthia.
66/22 revolt by his son, who receives assistance from Phraates of Parthia.
65/16 rejects a request from the Parthian king Phraates for a treaty, and
64/7 Phraates, the king of Parthia, invades Armenia but later on agrees
57/23 Phraates, king of Parthia, is murdered by his sons.
55/3 nius advances towards Mesopotamia, in order to attack the Parthians.
55/28 des defeats Mithridates, and establishes himself as king of Parthia.
54/4 The Parthian exiles, Mithridates and Orsanes, escape from Syria,
53/8 rejects complaints from the Parthian king about the invasion of Meso
53/21 Surenas, the Parthian general, attacks Crassus at Carrhae; the Romans
53/24 Crassus agrees to meet the Parthians for negotiations, but they seize
53/31 The Parthian reconquer Mesopotamia.
52/51 C.Cassius repels a small invasion of Syria by the Parthians.
51/40 Parthian army, led by Pacorus, invades Syria.
51/53 C.Cassius defeats the Parthians as they retreat from Antioch, and kil
51/56 ero and C.Cassius, about the Parthian invasion of Syria, are read out
50/19 walls of Antioch, until the Parthians have completely left Syria.
50/38 Caesar each to send a legion to defend Syria against the Parthians.
42/3 utus and Cassius send Labienus to gain the support of the Parthians.
40/5 Q.Labienus and the Parthians invade Syria and defeat the army of Saxa
40/13 The Parthians, led by Pacorus, invade Judaea and set up Antigonus as
39/8 Ventidius defeats the Parthians on Mount Amanus.
38/7 efeats and kills Pacorus, the son of the Parthian king, at Gindarus.
38/17 tidius: the first triumph won by a Roman general over the Parthians.
37/2 Phraates kills Orodes and succeeds him as king of Parthia.
36/11 nder the command of Oppius Statianus, is destroyed by the Parthians.
36/19 eneral comments on Antonius' unsuccessful war against the Parthians.
32/9 The Parthians conquer Media Atropatene.
32/12 Artaxias is established as king of Armenia by the Parthians.
31/19 against Phraates, and establishes himself as king of the Parthians.
30/43 Octavianus negotiates an agreement with Phraates of Parthia.

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