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  Pericles   - son of Xanthippus; Athenian politician, 5th century B.C.
Wikipedia entry
Aelian:Fr_68 DF} & & Suda_D'451 & A law of Pericles about citizenship.
Athen_5.217 goes on to say [ 503'c ], that Pericles also was lately
Athen_5.218 -four years after the death of Pericles. & * * * * * [64.]
Athen_13.569 esian war was excited by Pericles, [570] on account of his
Athen_13.572 prostitutes who followed Pericles when he laid siege to
Athen_13.589 sumed. And did not Pericles the Olympian (as Clearchus tel
Athen_13.594 Miltiades, or Cimon, or Pericles, or of some other of the
Athen_13.604 of generalship, since Pericles has said that I know how
Cic:Brut_27 ator, before the time of Pericles (whose name is prefixed
Cic:Brut_28 after him the celebrated Pericles, who, though adorned wit
Cic:Brut_38 and not, as Eupolis relates of Pericles, to sting as well
Cic:Brut_44 ived the above-mentioned Pericles, the illustrious son of
Cic:Brut_59 to have dwelt on the lips of Pericles. [60] This Cethegu
Cic:Brut_290 speaker: for such was Pericles,- such was Hypereides,
Just_3.6 of two eminent leaders, Pericles, a man of tried courage,
Just_3.7 advice of their leader Pericles, deferred revenge for
Philoch_37 the Lyceium, in the time of Pericles. [38] & HARPOCRATI
Philoch_* 118-121 * boea was provided by us and by Pericles". Philochorus says
Philoch_142 remained: Thrasyllus, Pericles, Lysias, Aristocrates
Plinius:Ep_1.20 that consummate orator, Pericles, the comedy-writer Eupol
Plut:Mor_186 speak himself: Remember, Pericles, you govern freemen, Gre
Plut:Mor_205 Themistocles rather than Pericles, when his affairs did
Plut:Mor_832 stocles, Aristeides, and Pericles; though the times gave
Plut:Mor_835 to the persuasions of Pericles the son of Xanthippus,
Plut:Phoc_7 follow in the steps of Pericles, Aristides, and Solon,
Polyaen_1.36.1 Frontinus, Str_4.7'21] [36] & Pericles. The Lacedaemonian
Polyaen_1.36.2 a friend and acquaintance of Pericles, invaded Attica.

  Pericles 2   - son of Pericleitus; Athenian parasite, late 5th century B.C.
Athen_6.234 ... of Gargettus; Pericles, son of Pericleitus of Pitthis

  Pericles 3   - king of Lycia, about 380-362 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
Polyaen_5.42.1 sued by some warships of Pericles the Lycian, he put to

  Pericles 4   - an opponent of Menesaechmus, late 4th century B.C.
DionHal:Din_11 and the other is Against Pericles and Democrates which beg

  Pericles   - in documents
Lucill_11.178 our flock far away, lest Pericles the thief drive you and
PsCallisth_2.4 ons voted for it and (?) Pericles abstained, but the whole
SelPap_1.77 oyal scribe of the nome, Pericles, as owing this sum t
Syll_421 (272-260)   Oiniadai Secretary: Perikles of Oiniadai Treasurer:

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