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  Phaethon   - the son of Helios, who tried to drive the chariot of the sun
Wikipedia entry
[Longin]:Subl_15   hands over the reins to Phaëthon : -
AntipThes_9.706   nued to weep for their brother Phaethon until turned into
Euseb]:Chron_183   and of Ethiopia in the time of Phaethon. Cranaus, an abori
Lucill_11.104   "thus riding perished Phaethon too." [11.105] & { F 31
Lucill_11.131   all became water, nor Phaethon who burned up the inhabi
Lucill_11.214   painted Deucalion and Phaethon, Menestratus, you enquir
Ovid:Cons_101   when the stricken youth {Phaethon} fell from his father's
PsCallisth_1.42   Let our goal be the bounds of Phaethon. & Let all the uni

  Phaethon   - in documents
Syll_340 (3rd cent.)   sos, son of Kleiton Phaëthon of Ladarma, so

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