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  Pherae   - a city in Thessaly, Greece
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  + Pheraean
291/7a etter of Demetrius concerning the territory of Demetrias and Pherae.
196/11 annual magistrates; the first to hold office is Pausanias of Pherae.
    Within translations:
Athen_13.557 whom was Nicesipolis of Pherae, who brought him a daughte
Euseb]:Chron_243 the son of Echecrates, from Pherae. Then Amyntas the
Euseb]:Chron_245 enes the son of Damothon, from Pherae. Then Pausanias the
Plut:Mor_193 Alexander the tyrant of Pherae, who was an enemy to the
Plut:Mor_194 Alexander, the tyrant of Pherae, broke his faith and cast
Polyaen_2.34.1 Telesippus, by birth a Pheraean, moved to Crannon a city
Polyaen_6.2.1 dressed. [2] Alexander of Pherae. While Leosthenes
SEG_56.703 (291)   of Demetrias and those of Pherai, as they had entru
SEG_57.510 (140-130)   ians was Pausanias of Pherai, the son of Thrasymede
Syll_674 (c. 140)   sed when Thessalos of Pherai, the son of Thrasymede
Theodorid_9.743 ns. * & Her temple was between Pherae and Larissa in Thess

  Pherae 2   - a city on the coast of Messenia, Peloponnese, Greece
Polyaen_2.35.1 con, a pirate from Pherae in the Peloponnese, had by frequ

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