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  Pherecrates   - a poet of Old Comedy, 5th century B.C.
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Athen_6.246 punching bags. And Pherecrates, in his Old Women, says -
Athen_6.248 af;) Heracles there? And Pherecrates, or Strattis, in his
Athen_6.262 in the Slave-teacher of Pherecrates, but by early habitua
Athen_6.263 read about it. For Pherecrates, in his Boors, says - & For
Athen_6.268 Atticist of all, namely Pherecrates, who in his Miners
Athen_10.415 man mentioned by Pherecrates, or Strattis, whichever was
Athen_11.464 them again. And Pherecrates the comic poet bears witnes
Athen_13.567 Diocles, the Corianno of Pherecrates, the Anteia of Eunicu
Athen_13.612 siness: on which account Pherecrates, in his Oven, or Woma
Athen_* 14.645-648 * called diaconium. Pherecrates says- & He was so greedy
Athen_14.653 dried figs roasted, as Pherecrates proves by what he say
Philoch_26 of the horses". Pherecrates in his Petale says: "Where

  Pherecrates   - in documents
SEG_56.638 (160-150)   romos son of Aischinas and Pherekrates son of Menek
SEG_57.510 (140-130)   nth of Homoloios were Pherekrates son of Phrixos an

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