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  Philemon   - a poet of New Comedy, and rival of Menander
Wikipedia entry
292/8 Sayings of Menander, addressed to Glycera, Philemon, and others.
263/5 Magas seizes Philemon but lets him go unharmed, after being attacked
263/5a remark of Philemon, after being acquitted in a court case.
263/6 The death of the comic poet Philemon.
    Within translations:
Aelian:Fr_11 DF} & & Suda_Ph'328 & & Philemon, the comic poet, dreams
Aelian:NA_12.10 beyond measure lecherous. And Philemon says [fr. 126 K]
Apollod:Fr_43 in comedy contests by Philemon, a far inferior writer
Apul:Flor_16 story of the comic poet Philemon which is not so very unl
Athen_3.81 donian apples. And Philemon, in his Clown calls Cydonian
Athen_4.175 merry song. And Philemon says, in his Adulterer - & (A)
Athen_6.262 sigmaf;. [262] And Philemon says in his Woman made young
Athen_11.497 Persian cup. But Philemon, in his Widow, mentioning the
Athen_13.569 them. [25.] And Philemon, in his Brothers, relates that
Athen_13.590 gender? for I know that Philemon says this in his play
Athen_13.594 with her. For when Philemon was in love with a courtesan,
Athen_13.595 which you are entitled." Philemon also mentions these circ
Athen_13.606 the temple. And Philemon mentions the same fact, and
Athen_14.645 torches round it. Philemon, in his Beggar, or Woman of
Athen_14.658 about cheese. For Philemon, in his play entitled The Sici
Athen_14.659 of Menander. And Philemon in one of his plays says -
Athen_14.663 ort, we gather from what Philemon says in his Man carried
Athen_14.664 dead to the dead. Philemon, also, in his Poor Woman -
DiogLaert_7.27 him into ridicule. Philemon speaks thus of him in his play
Lucian:Macr_25 long thereafter. Philemon, the comic poet, was ninety-se
Teles_25 able and upright manner? Philemon expressed it well; for
Teles_42 him more money; for as Philemon aptly says, "You

  Philemon 2   - a Greek grammarian
Athen_14.646 eaten after supper; as Philemon tells us in his treatise
Athen_14.652 the woodcock. But Philemon, in his treatise On Attic Name

  Philemon   - in documents
CIL_* 1.681-683 * musus, freedman of Gaius Philemon, slave of Aulus Hel
OGIS_59 (163)   idas Theaitetos Asklepiades Philemon Apollonios son
RC_5 ryson Aristagoras son of Philemon Kleomedes son of Kr
SelPap_2.364 the market through you, Philemon, chief assistant at
THI_85 (late 3rd century)   Killes son of Midas Philemon Aischylos Demetrios Ap

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