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  Philochorus   of Athens - author of a history of Attica, 3rd century B.C.
Wikipedia entry
260/3 Philoch_, the fragments of Philochorus' "Atthis" which covered events
259/9 General comments on the life and writings of Philochorus.
259/10 The historian Philochorus is put to death by Antigonus for supporting
    Within translations:
Aelian:NA_12.35   narrated by Aristotle* and Philochorus. [36] & The
Apollod:Fr_63   of Homer, according to Philochorus, a hundred and eighty
Athen_2.37   Trireme. [6.] But Philochorus [ Fr_170 ] says that men
Athen_2.38   denies. [7.] And Philochorus relates that Amphictyon,
Athen_4.168   But Phanodemus, and also Philochorus [ Fr_196 ], have rela
Athen_5.217   But Marsyas and Philochorus [ Fr_126 ] say that he reig
Athen_6.235   the parasites. And Philochorus gives the same account in
Athen_6.245   legal number. And Philochorus, in the seventh book of his
Athen_9.393   us, or Boio, which Philochorus [ Fr_214 ] says was his pro
Athen_11.464   well. Of the Athenian custom Philochorus speaks as follows : 'At
Athen_11.495   {92.}   Pentaploa Philochorus mentions it in the second
Athen_14.628   of each individual And Philochorus says that the ancient
Athen_14.630   those tunes. But Philochorus [ Fr_216 ] asserts that the
Athen_14.637   in Corcyra. But Philochorus, in the third book of his
Athen_14.645   it in his Hecate. Philochorus [ Fr_86 ] also mentions the
Athen_14.648   tled Republic. And Philochorus, in his treatise on Divinat
Athen_14.656   the Athenians," as Philochorus tells us [ Fr_173 ], " when
Athen_15.693   and useful from it." And Philochorus in the second book of
Athen_15.697   at Rhodes  # And Philochorus says that the Athenians
Callim:Hec_T2   the command of Theseus, as Philochorus has written.
DionHal:Din_3   seen from the history of Philochorus and from what he hims
DionHal:Din_13   time of this archon, as Philochorus {FGrH 328 F154} state
Philoch_T1   short biography of Philochorus in the Suda (10th century
Philoch_115-144 *   anksgiving, according to Philochorus, as they had previous
Philoch_147-151 *   ook 5 of his Atthis, and Philochorus say that he and his
Philoch_154-162 *   sent in this archon's year, as Philochorus says in his His
Philoch_166   SCHOL.PIND., NEM.3'4 & Philochorus says that the Athenia
Philoch_20-39 *   book of his Atthis and Philochorus in the second and thi
Philoch_200-206 *   on the tetradrachm, as Philochorus says; and the tetrada
Philoch_223   time. All this is recorded by Philochorus. He also says
Philoch_224   ool} from [Plato]. Philochorus says that Speusippus {dedic
Philoch_42-49 *   [42] & LEX.DEM. & Philochorus in book 5 of his Atthis mak
Philoch_52-71 *   Androtion in his Atthis and by Philochorus in book 6 of
Plut:Mor_846   little more could be found, as Philochorus relates. But
Plut:Mor_847   Antipater, Greeting." Philochorus tells us that he died

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