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  Phocion   - an Athenian statesman and general, 4th century B.C.
Wikipedia entry
324/13 Phocion refuses to accept a gift of money from Alexander.
324/29 nder orders Craterus to give Phocion the revenue from a city in Asia
323/49 Demades, Dionysius, Phocion, Theocritus and others react to the news
322/2 saying of Phocion, about the success of Leosthenes as Athenian gene
322/7 Phocion persuades the Athenians not to invade Boeotia, and defeats
322/41 sayings of Demosthenes, addressed to Demades, Phocion, and others.
319/7 Phocion tells Antipater, "You cannot use me both as a friend and
319/8 Sayings of Demades, addressed to Phocion and others.
318/2 Nicanor captures Peiraeus, with the collusion of Phocion.
318/16 tica; Polyperchon hands over Phocion and his friends to the Athenians
318/17 Sayings of Phocion, addressed to Archibiades, Aristogeiton, Callicles
318/18 Phocion is distressed by the prodigality of his son Phocus.
318/19 The just and incorruptible character of Phocion.
318/20 The Athenians condemn Phocion and put him to death.
Plutarch- PLUTARCH, Phocion
    Within translations:
Aelian:NA_12.6   Athens cast out the excellent Phocion* unburied. And
Athen_4.168   says "that the son of Phocion, whose name was Phocus,
Athen_10.419   and of Epameinondas, and of Phocion, and of Phormion,
Nepos_19.1   [1]   Phocion, the Athenian, although he often
Nepos_19.3   To the latter belonged Phocion and Demetrius of Phalerum.
Philoch_160   crossed over to Eretria with Phocion as their general.
Plut:Agis_2   st. Therefore, as Phocion said to Antipater, when he desi
Plut:Arat_19   ments, that knowing that Phocion and Epaminondas were acco
Plut:Mor_187-189 *   han I am. PHOCION. Phocion the Athenian was never seen to
Plut:Mor_850   nce of paying honours to Phocion, obtained by Meidias the
Plut:Mor_851   third, when Chares and Phocion were commissioned by the
Plut:Phoc_1-38 *   plied to the administration of Phocion. Demades was the
Polyaen_3.12.1   the Athenians. & * * * [12] & Phocion. Phocion urged the
Polyaen_5.21.1   al, had been defeated by Phocion at Atarneus, and forced
ValMax_3.8e.2   [8e.2]   Phocion the Athenian, when the Athenians
ValMax_5.3e.3   Phocion, who was endowed with two

  Phocion 2   - Athenian archon, (?) 121 B.C.
121/_ Athenian archon: Phocion (?)

  Phocion   - in documents
OGIS_43 (c. 280)   lippides son of Phokion, Philistos son of Aretaphan
Syll_376 (c. 300)   os of Kyzikos, son of Phokion, victor in the wrest
Syll_424 (256/5 or 254/3)   Athens, the son of Phokion ; Nikon of Thronion C
Syll_657 (155/4)   il 112/1 B.C. Phokion, who first created the list,
THI_64 (263-236)   n of Rhodes the son of Phokion     ;

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