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  Phoenix   - son of Amyntor; one of the Greek leaders during the Trojan War
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Aelian:Fr_246   da_E'1137 , & E'2171 & & Phoenix, subject of a play by Eur
AnthPal_3.3   to Arcadia. [3] Phoenix blinded by his father Amyntor,
Athen_13.556   Greeks, the mother of Phoenix does not tolerate the con
Athen_13.590   turn to your question, my old Phoenix. Learn, then, that
Cic:DeOr_3.57   morals and the language; as Phoenix in Homer, who says that

  Phoenix 2   of Tenedos - a cavalry officer in the army of Eumenes
Plut:Eum_7 azus the son of Artabazus, and Phoenix of Tenedos. They

  Phoenix 3   of Colophon - a Greek poet, (?) 3rd century B.C.
Athen_10.421   of catapults. And Phoenix of Colophon says- & A cask of
Athen_11.495   proposed a toast."   But Phoenix of Colophon in his Iambic

  Phoenix   - in documents
Syll_567 (c. 204/1)   and Lysandros son of Phoinix was elected to be cap

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