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  Pisidia   - a region in Asia Minor
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  + Pisidian , Pisidians
323/10 The Pisidians kill Balacrus, their governor.
158/12 SEG_44.1108, a letter of Attalus II to Olbasa in Pisidia.
139/13 The tyrant Semias is assassinated in Pisidia.
79/16 Asia, including Lycia, Pamphylia, Pisidia, Phrygia, and Milyas.
    Within translations:
Aelian:NA_16.7 neighbourhood of Antioch in Pisidia and feeds on stones
Diod_33.5a etters. [5a] & In Pisidia a certain Molcestes, who was
Festus:Brev.11 obtained Pamphylia, Lycia, and Pisidia. Bithynia we attain
Joseph:AJ_13.374 maintained foreigners of Pisidia and Cilicia; for as to
Joseph:BJ_01.88 foreign auxiliaries, the Pisidians and Cilicians, assisted
Polyaen_4.6.7 camp in the straights of Pisidia: but the elephants cried
Polyaen_7.27.1 in an expedition into Pisidia, marched into a defile
SEG_17.639 (c. 301-298)   , Cretans, Greeks and Pisidians, who came here with
SEG_44.1108 (158)   tical times of the Pisidian war, when he always
SEG_54.1442 (c. 255)   en on Neoptolemos the Pisidian, as follows: "I

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