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  Postumus   (C. Rabirius Postumus) - a tax-farmer defended by Cicero in 54 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
95/24 of C.Curtius, a tax-farmer and the father of C.Rabirius Postumus.
57/54 maeus borrows money from Rabirius Postumus, during his stay at Rome.
55/13 The Roman banker Rabirius Postumus is put in charge of the financial
54/57 Cic:RabPost_, Cicero's speech in defence of Rabirius Postumus.

  Postumus 2   (T. Furfanus Postumus) - Roman praetor, (?) 46 B.C.
  + Furfanus
46/91 & 6.7-9, letters from Cicero to Marcellus, Caecina and Furfanus.

  Postumus 3   (C. Vibius Postumus) - suffect consul, 5 A.D.
Apollonid_9.791 and your temple which Postumus erected, you shall boast
FastCap_p84 1st July: C. Vibius C.f. C.n. Postumus , C. Ateius L.f.

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