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  Protagoras   of Abdera - a Greek sophist, 5th century B.C.
Wikipedia entry
Apollod:Fr_70 acusan. [70] & DiogLaert_9'50 (Protagoras) & The father
Apollod:Fr_71 ras. [71] & DiogLaert_9'55-56 (Protagoras) & Protagoras
Athen_8.354 etter Epicurus says that Protagoras also, who became a phi
Cic:Brut_30 machus the Chalcedonian, Protagoras the Abderite, and Hipp
Cic:Brut_46 from written notes: but Protagoras took the pains to comp
Cic:Brut_292 Plato, he extols Protagoras, Hippias, Prodicus, Gorgias,
DiogLaert_10.8 He used to call Protagoras a porter, and the secretary

  Protagoras   - in documents
Syll_322 Simon Timesianax son of Protagoras Peisistratos so
Syll_633 (c. 180)   tes son of Pythonymos Protagoras son of Hegelochos
THI_147 (270-250)   ker Euandros son of Protagoras Politas son of Kalli
THI_51 (277/6)   .} after Poseidippos: Protagoras son of Anaxiphon,
THI_98 (250-200)   ne daughter of Zopyros Protagoras son of Hegelochos

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