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  Ptolemy   I Soter - king of Egypt, 305-282 B.C.
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323/53 Ptolemy establishes himself as satrap of Egypt - counted as the begin
322/13a Ptolemy kills Cleomenes, the previous governor of Egypt.
322/14 Ophellas, the general of Ptolemy, defeats Thibron and gains contro
321/14 Ptolemy diverts the procession carrying Alexander's body, and brin
321/21 Theopompus travels to Egypt, but Ptolemy refuses to receive him.
320/2 nsults with his advisers, and decides to attack Ptolemy in Egypt.
320/9 Ptolemy fights off an attack by Perdiccas on the "Fort of the Came
320/28 Ptolemy visits Cyrene, and brings the city under his control.
319/1 Ptolemy marries Eurydice, the daughter of Antipater.
318/4 Ptolemy gains control of Syria after expelling the satrap Laomedon
318/5 Ptolemy captures Jerusalem.
318/22 of mercenaries, despite the opposition of Ptolemy and Antigonus.
316/19a Ptolemy gives 50 talents to pay for the burial of an Apis bull.
316/20 Berenice becomes the mistress and then the wife of Ptolemy.
315/4 Seleucus takes refuge with Ptolemy, in anticipation of an attack
315/12 gonus rejects an ultimatum from Ptolemy, Seleucus, and Cassander.
315/14 Antigonus expels Ptolemy' garrisons from Joppa and Gaza.
315/26 Ptolemy sends out Myrmidon, Polycleitus, Menelaus, and Seleucus
314/10 Ptolemy wins the prize at the Pythian Games in the race for chario
313/6 Agis, the general of Ptolemy, suppresses a revolt at Cyrene.
313/22 Ptolemy gains control of Cyprus and makes Nicocreon king of the
313/25 marches to Mallus, but arrives after Ptolemy has left the area.
312/3 Ptolemy suppresses a revolt by Telesphorus.
312/13 Ptolemy defeats Demetrius at the battle of Gaza.
312/14 Ptolemy gains control of Phoenicia.
311/2 Demetrius defeats Cilles, the general of Ptolemy.
311/3 Ptolemy sends Seleucus with a small force to reoccupy Babylonia.
311/4 Ptolemy retreats back to Egypt.
311/5 Ptolemy settles some of the Jews in Egypt.
311/22 agrees to a peace treaty with Cassander, Lysimachus, and Ptolemy.
311/31a the restoration of the rights of the temple at Buto by Ptolemy.
310/8 us, Phaon, Philotas, Propis, Ptolemy, Satyrus, Telephanes, Zethus
310/11 Ptolemy forces Nicocles, the king of Paphos, to commit suicide.
310/19 Demetrius defeats the generals of Ptolemy in Cilicia.
310/32 Chaerephon, Gnome, Phyromachus, Polyctor, Ptolemy, and others.
309/9 Ptolemy attacks Lycia and Caria.
309/17 nephew of Antigonus joins Ptolemy at Cos, but is later put
308/15 Ptolemy sails to Greece and captures Corinth, but leaves again aft
308/16 Ptolemy asks the philosopher Stilpon to leave Megara and come
308/20 Ptolemy holds a feast to celebrate his return to Egypt.
306/12 Demetrius heavily defeats Ptolemy in a naval battle off Salamis.
305/11 dream, and advises the Rhodians to appeal to Ptolemy for help.
305/20a nscr_12, a treaty between the city of Iasus, Ptolemy and others.
305/21 receive reinforcements from Ptolemy and from the city of Cnossus.
305/22 Ptolemy proclaims himself king.
305/29 courtesan Thais lives with Ptolemy and bears him three children.
304/5 Supplies from Ptolemy, Cassander, and Lysimachus reach Rhodes.
304/18 The Rhodians honour Ptolemy as a god, and give him the title "Sote
303/6 Ptolemy makes a dedication to the temple of Athena at Lindus.
302/16 Ptolemy retreats from Sidon to Egypt, after hearing a false rumour
301/27 Ptolemy seizes control of Palestine and Coele Syria, and Seleucus
301/28 Ptolemy captures Jerusalem.
300/11 refuses to sell his picture of the Visit to the Dead to Ptolemy.
299/3b Lysimachus marries Arsinoe, daughter of Ptolemy.
298/5 Demetrius marries the daughter of Ptolemy.
298/8 Demetrius sends Pyrrhus to Ptolemy "as a hostage".
297/20 alereus leaves Greece, and goes to the court of Ptolemy in Egypt.
295/25 Ptolemy sends 150 ships in an attempt to break Demetrius' blockade
294/17 Coalition of Lysimachus, Seleucus, and Ptolemy against Demetrius.
292/4 hocles the son of Lysimachus to Lysandra the daughter of Ptolemy.
290/1 "Calumny" is a retort to his opponents in the court of Ptolemy.
288/1 Ptolemy, Lysimachus, and Pyrrhus form a coalition against Demetriu
286/16a 67, an Athenian decree in honour of Zenon, an officer of Ptolemy.
282/1 The Athenians put up a statue of Ptolemy at Delphi.
282/2 a dedication by Arsinoe the daughter of Ptolemy at Samothrace.
282/10 Demetrius persuades Ptolemy I to start collecting books for a libr
282/11 Menedemus is sent as an ambassador to Ptolemy.
282/14 Galetes, a favourite of Ptolemy, persuades him to save some men
282/15 Ptolemy declines to punish an insolent grammarian.
282/16 Ptolemy displays a camel along with a two-coloured man at a public
282/18 The character of Ptolemy, and his queen Berenice.
282/19 The condition of the kingdom of Egypt under Ptolemy.
282/20 The death of Ptolemy I, and accession of Ptolemy II.
278/14 The deification of Ptolemy I and Berenice, and the first celebrati

  Ptolemy 2   II Philadelphus - king of Egypt, 282-246 B.C.
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  + Philadelphus
308/4 The birth of Ptolemy II, on the island of Cos.
285/20 etas of Cos and Straton of Lampsacus act as tutors of Ptolemy II.
285/21 Ptolemy II becomes co-regent with his father.
282/3 who is sent on an embassy by Ptolemy, ignores the threats made aga
282/6 Ptolemy avoids the normal format of a letter, when writing to Sele
282/7 Demetrius Phalereus helps Ptolemy to draw up laws.
282/8 Ptolemy builds a warship with twelve banks of oars.
282/20 The death of Ptolemy I, and accession of Ptolemy II.
282/20a Ptolemy goes to Mendes, to celebrate a festival for his accession.
282/21 Demetrius Phalereus is put under arrest by Ptolemy II.
282/33a a decree of Telmessos in response to a letter from Ptolemy II.
281/4 Sotades attacks both Lysimachus and Ptolemy Philadelphus.
281/26 Seleucus enters into a treaty of friendship with Ptolemy (II ?).
281/42 Ptolemy II frees Jewish slaves.
280/3 Ptolemy II authorises the translation of the Jewish Bible into Gre
280/5 Jewish scholars to assist Ptolemy, who holds a banquet in their
280/21 Dedications made by Ptolemy, Polycleitus, Philocles, Iomilcus, and
279/16 Ptolemy punishes Zoilus for his outspoken criticism of Homer's poe
279/30 Philocles captures Caunus for Ptolemy.
278/15 Ptolemy II makes a gift of land to Miletus.
278/16 Athenians celebrate the Panathenaea, with help from Ptolemy II.
277/7 decree of Delos in honour of Philocles, the admiral of Ptolemy.
276/4a Ptolemy obtains the original manuscripts of Greek tragedies from
276/10 Ptolemy II sends an expedition to Ethiopia.
275/5 The wedding of Ptolemy II and his sister Arsinoe.
275/7 punished for insults against Ptolemy II and Arsinoe, either by emp
274/16 Ptolemy leads a military expedition to (?) Palestine.
274/21a Ptolemy and Arsinoe visit the Nile Delta, and discuss the defence
273/1 Ptolemy' navy mounts a counter-attack against the territory of Ant
273/4 Antigonus is defeated by Ptolemy the son of Pyrrhus in a second
271/3 oc_15 & 17, two poems by Theocritus written in praise of Ptolemy.
271/6 Antiochus recovers Damascus from the garrison of Ptolemy.
270/12 Ptolemy stages an elaborate procession through Alexandria.
270/13 The death of Arsinoe, sister and wife of Ptolemy II.
270/18c OGIS_26 & 27, statues of Ptolemy and Arsinoē, dedicated by
269/4 Ptolemy constructs a canal between the delta of the river Nil
269/5 Ptolemy sends out elephant-hunters, who found the cities of Philot
265/19b Syll_434, a statue of Areus, dedicated by Ptolemy at Olympia.
264/4 Belistiche, the concubine of Ptolemy, wins the Olympic prize in
264/18a cording the participation of Ptolemy in religious ceremonies at
264/18b cording the support given by Ptolemy to both the traditional Egypt
261/4 Bagnall_21, a letter from Ptolemy II to the city of Miletus, and
260/1 Bagnall_53, regulations of Ptolemy II concerning Syria and Phoeni
259/10 Philochorus is put to death by Antigonus for supporting Ptolemy.
259/15 archus the tyrant of Miletus lead a rebellion against Ptolemy II.
259/19 PRev_38-56, the regulations for the oil monopoly of Ptolemy II.
259/21 PAmh_33'28+, a letter from Ptolemy II to Apollonius.
257/15 Ptolemy founds the city of Berenice on the Red Sea coast, and
253/10 Antiochus and Ptolemy II; Rhodes is reconciled with Ptolemy.
252/10 Antiochus marries Berenice, the daughter of Ptolemy Philadelphus.
247/14 haginians send an embassy to Ptolemy II, but fail to get any pract
246/4 Ptolemy rewards the doctor Cleombrotus for saving the life of Anti
246/7 pher Hegesias is silenced by Ptolemy, because his lectures are too
246/8 Ptolemy ridicules the far-fetched grammatical explanations of Sosi
246/11 Ptolemy launches a ship with 30 banks of oars.
246/12 elephant falls in love with Menander, a soldier in Ptolemy' army.
246/14 Ptolemy dedicates a temple to his concubine Belistiche.
246/15 Ptolemy erects statues in honour of Cleino, his wine-pourer.
246/17 Ptolemy transports the obelisk of Necthebis down the Nile and erec
246/18 Ptolemy erects many statues of Arsinoe, who is depicted holding
246/19 Ptolemy rebuilds Patara in Lycia, and calls it Arsinoe.
246/20 Ptolemy pays for a new temple of Heracles at Heracleia.
246/22 ers capture a giant snake in Ethiopia, and present it to Ptolemy.
246/24 Pythagoras, an officer of Ptolemy, extracts a huge piece of rock-c
246/25 Ptolemy sends Dionysius as ambassador to the court of the king of
246/26 crocodile predicts the death of Ptolemy.
246/27 Ptolemy keeps a pet elephant.
246/28 The prosperous reign of Ptolemy, who is a great patron of the arts
246/29 The death of Ptolemy II, and accession of Ptolemy III.

  Ptolemy 3   III Euergetes - king of Egypt, 246-222 B.C.
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  + Benefactor , Euergetae , Euergetes
246/29 The death of Ptolemy II, and accession of Ptolemy III.
246/40 Ptolemy leaves Egypt for Syria; his wife Berenice dedicates a lock
246/41 Ptolemy invades Syria.
246/44 Ptolemy reaches Mesopotamia, and his army besieges the palace
245/3 Ptolemy returns to Egypt.
245/8 eracleia writes a history down to the reign of the third Ptolemy.
245/13 FGrH_160, an account of Ptolemy's invasion of Syria.
245/14 summoned to Alexandria by Ptolemy, who makes him director of
244/2 attack from the forces of Ptolemy, but remains loyal to Seleucu
244/3 Syll_463, a decree of Itonus in honour of Ptolemy III.
244/3a PHib_54, a letter from Demophon to Ptolemy.
243/4 Ptolemy gains possession of Thrace.
242/6 Ptolemy III is proclaimed to be leader of the Achaean League.
242/7a SEG_36.1218, a letter from Ptolemy III to the city of Xanthus.
242/11 _25-28, letters of Ziaelas, Ptolemy and other kings concerning
241/25 PCZen_59832, a petition from Zenon to Ptolemy III.
241/29 Peace between Ptolemy III and Seleucus II: the end of the Third
240/30a Ptolemy appoints Hippomedon of Sparta to be governor of Thrace.
240/44 Roman embassy offers to help Ptolemy against Syria.
238/2 cree of the Egyptian priests at Canopus in honour of Ptolemy III.
231/2 hilosopher Sphaerus goes to Egypt at the request of king Ptolemy.
223/6a Ptolemy sends his son Magas to lead Egyptian forces in Asia Minor.
222/11 King Ptolemy withdraws his subsidy to Cleomenes.
222/27 refuge in Alexandria, where Ptolemy gives him a state pension.
221/6 Ptolemy III defeats and kills Adaeus.
221/8 Ptolemy III introduces the cult of Sarapis at Alexandria.
221/9 Berenice rebukes Ptolemy for playing dice while sentencing crimina
221/10 Ptolemy III is a keen collector of rare wild animals, and sends
221/11 Callicrates and Panaretus are favourites of Ptolemy.
221/12 The death of Ptolemy III, and accession of Ptolemy IV.
    Within translations:
Aelian:NA_16.39   teen; and in the time of Ptolemy Euergetes three were brou
AET_4.19.A     Priest of the Gods Euergetai the Gods Philopatores, and the
AET_4.19.B     Priest of the Gods Euergetai of the Palace,   Priest
AET_6.3.A   of Demetrios being priest of Ptolemy the beneficent, 'Snws (?) son
AET_6.4.B   17, month Phamenoth, of King Ptolemy, son of Ptolemy and Arsinoe,
AET_7.13.A   and the] beneficent [gods] { Euergetai } and the father-loving gods
AET_7.18.B   gods Adelphoi, of the gods Euergetai, of the gods Philopatores, of
AET_8.12   Adelphoi, and the Gods Euergetai, and the Gods Philopatores
AET_8.13   (c. 90)   esty the Son of Ra, Ptolemy Euergetes, was the
AET_8.13.B   majesty the Son of Ra, Ptolemy Euergetes, was the day of
AET_9.4.A   gods Adelphoi, the gods Euergetai, the gods Philopatores, the
AET_9.4.D   gods Adelphoi, the gods Euergetai, the gods Philopatores, the
Athen_5.209   as a present to Alexandria to Ptolemy the king of Egyp
Athen_6.251   rates was a flatterer of Ptolemy, the third king of Egy
Athen_12.552   he was a companion of Ptolemy Euergetes, receiving
Callim:Epigr_52   & On Berenice, the wife of Ptolemy Euergetes. Four
ChronPasc_429   429'A] [Ol. 131.2] Ptolemy Euergetes, who was also call
ChronPasc_432   alled Gallus, the son of Ptolemy Euergetes called Tryph
ChronSynt_91   Alexander for 38 years Ptolemy Alexas for 25 years
ChronSynt_100   hiladelphus for 27 years Ptolemy Euergetes for 24 years
Euseb]:Chron_127   Philadelphus - for 38 years 3. Ptolemy Euergetes - for
Euseb]:Chron_161   ter him, the third Ptolemy, called Euergetes, reigned
Euseb]:Chron_169   ladelphus - for 38 years Ptolemy Euergetes - for 24 yea
Euseb]:Chron_251   or Ephesus, which was held by Ptolemy. Then Seleucus
ExcBarb_35B   fter Philadelphus, Ptolemy Euergetes was king in Egypt
ExcBarb_46B   maeus Lagus for 20 years Ptolemy Euergetes for 38 years
Hieron:Chron_1771   acid dynasty. 133.3 * . [1771] Ptolemy Euergetes [becam
Joseph:AJ_12.159   Philopator. [159] Euergetes sent an ambassador to Jerusal
Just_27.1-3 *   Berenice, the sister of Ptolemy, king of Egypt, togeth
Just_28.4   and children to Egypt to Ptolemy, by whom he was honour
Malal_196   him the fourth king was Ptolemy Euergetes [197] for
OGIS_20   (246-221)   ter and] wife of king Ptolemaios [son of Ptolema
OGIS_54   (c. 246)   The Great King Ptolemaios, son of king Ptolemaio
OGIS_55   (240)   year of the reign of Ptolemaios, the son of Ptolema
OGIS_65   (c. 245)   behalf of king Ptolemaios, son of Ptolemaios and
OGIS_86   (c. 210-204)   res, the offspring of Ptolemaios and Berenike the g
OGIS_111   (145)   delphoi and] of the gods Euergetai [and of the gods] P
OGIS_131   (136/5)   he] sister, the gods Euergetai, [and their children
OGIS_152   (142-131)   ra the wife, the gods Euergetai, [and his] kindness
OGIS_153   (142-131)   a the wife, [the gods Euergetai], and their childre
OGIS_155   (142-131)   a [the wife, the gods Euergetai, and] their childre
OGIS_156   (c. 124)   a the wife], the gods Euergetai, and [their] childr
OGIS_168   (115)   hoi, and of the gods Euergetai, and of the gods Phi
OGIS_726   (245-221)   sp; On behalf of king Ptolemaios the son of Ptolema
OGIS_739   (112/11) ds Adelphoi and the gods Euergetai and the gods Philopatores a
PHaun_6   α) . . . Ptolemy & his wife [25] & τ
Phylarch_58   olyb_2.63'1-3 & &# Ptolemy withdraws his financial supp
Phylarch_T1   and takes it as far as Ptolemy Euergetes, and the dea
Plut:Agis_7   laves of the stewards of Ptolemy and Seleucus, are rich
Plut:Arat_4   his hopes from Egypt and Ptolemy were too remote, he
Plut:Arat_24   onians. He brought Ptolemy likewise into the Achaean
Plut:Arat_41   yearly allowance he had from Ptolemy. For this, he
Plut:Arat_12-15 *   ept in the generosity of Ptolemy, and therefore determi
Plut:Cleom_19   double the pension he had from Ptolemy, king of Egypt.
Plut:Cleom_22   oncerns of state. Ptolemy, king of Egypt, agreed to
Plut:Cleom_31-33 *   bability, as much excels Ptolemy as the Macedonians do
Polyaen_5.18.1   engaged in a war with Ptolemy, whose fleet then lay
Polyaen_8.50.1   subjects of this, until Ptolemy, the father of the dec
Porph:Fr_43   gypt, Berenice's brother Ptolemy Euergetes became the
Porph:Fr_44   Philopator the son of Euergetes, who was the fourth kin
RC_27   (c. 240)   igned this letter to Ptolemaios III: see the com
RC_28   (c. 240)   alos I. } [King Ptolemaios to the council] and pe
SEG_20.467   (c. 217)   ator, the son of king Ptolemaios and queen Berenike
SEG_38.1476   (206/5)   Ptolemaios, son of Ptolemaios and Berenike, the
SEG_39.1596   (217-204)   lopator, son of king Ptolemaios and queen Berenike
SelPap_1.1A   (173) ds Adelphi and the gods Euergetae and the gods Philopatores a
SelPap_1.267A   (January 221) Asia to king Ptolemy, greetings.   I am wronged
THI_65   (c. 238)   [A]   King Ptolemaios of Macedonia, the son
THI_128   (210-205)   lemaios, son of king Ptolemaios, and queen Arsino&#
THI_250   (222/1) in the 26th year of Ptolemy, lord of kings, the noble,
THI_257   (243) in the] temples for king Ptolemaios and [ queen Berenike ],
THI_259   (217)   ies, offspring of the Benefactor Gods, one whom
THI_263.24   (c. 118) e gods Adelphi, the gods Euergetae, the gods Philopatores, ] t
Vit:ApRhod_1   the time of the third Ptolemy [246-222 B.C.], and

  Ptolemy 4   IV Philopator - king of Egypt, 222-205 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
  + Philopator , Philopatores
221/13 Austin_318, a petition from Aristomachus to Ptolemy IV.
221/12 The death of Ptolemy III, and accession of Ptolemy IV.
220/13 Ptolemy is dominated by his concubine Agathocleia, and gives himse
220/16 murder of Magas, the brother of Ptolemy, and his mother Berenice.
219/4 Ptolemy puts Cleomenes under house arrest, at the instigation
218/8 Inconclusive negotiations between Antiochus and Ptolemy.
217/34 Ptolemy visits Jerusalem, and attempts to enter the temple.
217/46a n_276, a decree of the Egyptian priests in honour of Ptolemy IV.
216/14d SEG_20.467, a statue of Ptolemy IV at Joppa.
216/21 Ptolemy uses elephants to attack the Egyptian Jews, but the Jews
215/14 ieron builds a huge ship, which he gives as a present to Ptolemy.
214/13 Hieronymus sends Zoippus on an embassy to Ptolemy.
210/22 send an embassy to Syphax in Numidia, and to Ptolemy in Egypt.
206/6a etters from kings Antiochus, Ptolemy, and Attalus recognising the
204/8 Ptolemy IV dedicates a temple to Homer.
204/9 Ptolemy launches a huge warship, 280 cubits long, with 40 banks
204/10 Ptolemy begins to build walls around Gortyn in Crete, but does not
204/11 Arsinoe disapproves of a festival instituted by Ptolemy.
204/12b RC_30, part of a letter of Ptolemy concerning Soli in Cilicia.
204/13a Ptolemy IV constructs two enormous ships, one for the sea and one
204/14 The indolent lifestyle of Ptolemy IV.
204/15 The death of Ptolemy IV Philopator.
204/20 The murder of Arsinoe, the widow of Ptolemy IV.
204/7 THI_128, a donation of Ptolemy IV to Thespiae in Boeotia.
170/19a _107, a dedication on behalf of Ptolemy VI at Parembole in Nubia.
    Within translations:
3Macc_1   theca Augustana [1] When Philopator learned from those who
3Macc_3   against them: 12 "King Ptolemy Philopator to his gene
3Macc_7   his concern: [7] "King Ptolemy Philopator to the gene
Aelian:NA_7.44   of the god. Let Ptolemy Philopator be a trustworthy wit
AET_4.19.A   Gods Euergetai the Gods Philopatores, and the Gods Epiphaneis,
AET_6.3.A   Lykophron being priest of Ptolemy the father-loving, Didymos son
AET_7.10.A   Pharaoh Ptolemy, son of Ptolemy and Arsinoe, the Father-loving
AET_7.13.A   and the father-loving gods { Philopatores } and the gods who
AET_7.18.B   Ptolemy l.p.h. son of Ptolemy l.p.h. and Arsinoē l.p.h.
AET_8.12   Eucharistos, sprung of King Ptolemy and Queen Arsinoe, the
AET_8.13   (c. 90)   er Egypt, Son of Ra Ptolemy Philopator, after a
AET_8.13.C   Lower Egypt, Son of Ra Ptolemy Philopator after a total of
AET_9.2.B   Lower Egypt [heir of the Philopators, chosen of Ptah mighty is
AET_9.4.A   King Ptolemy the son of Ptolemy and Arsinoe the gods Philopatores,
AET_9.4.B   king] Ptolemy [ son of Ptolemy ], living forever.
AET_9.4.D   gods Euergetai, the gods Philopatores, the gods Epiphaneis, the
Athen_5.203   which were built also by Ptolemy Philopator, which are
Athen_5.204   ross-beams. [38.] "Philopator also built a vessel for the
Athen_6.246   book of his history of Philopator, says that men to dine
Athen_6.251   and the companion of the king Ptolemy Philopator. And
Athen_8.354   to Alexandria by king Ptolemy, when on one occasion
Athen_10.425   third book of his History of Philopator. But Polybius,
Athen_13.577   great power over king Ptolemy Philopator? in fact,
ChronPasc_432   prime. [Ol. 139.3] Ptolemy Philopator, who was also cal
ChronPasc_433   Epiphanes, the son of Ptolemy Philopator called Gall
ChronSynt_91   aeus Alexas for 25 years Ptolemy Philopator for 17 year
ChronSynt_100   Euergetes for 24 years Ptolemy Philopator for 21 year
DiogLaert_7.177   Alexandria, to the court of Ptolemy Philopater. And
Euseb]:Chron_127   Euergetes - for 24 years 4. Ptolemy Philopator - for
Euseb]:Chron_161   him, the fourth Ptolemy, called Philopator, reigned
Euseb]:Chron_169   Euergetes - for 24 years Ptolemy Philopator - for 21
ExcBarb_35B   Euergetes, his son Ptolemy Philopator was king for 17
ExcBarb_46B   Euergetes for 38 years Ptolemy Philopator for 17 year
Hieron:Chron_1797   220-217 B.C.] 140.1 * . [1797] Ptolemy Philopator [beca
Hieron:Chron_1807   king of Syria defeated Ptolemy Philopator and gained
Joseph:AJ_12.130   while he was at war with Ptolemy Philopator, and with
Joseph:AJ_12.131   upon Judaea; and when Philopator was dead, his son sent
Joseph:AJ_12.158   anger, who was the father of Philopator. [159]
Just_29.1   to him. Of Egypt Ptolemy had made himself master, aft
Just_30.1   acedonia, the conduct of Ptolemy in Egypt was of an opp
Just_31.1   BOOK 31 [31.1] Ptolemy Philopator, king of
Malal_197   him the fifth king was Ptolemy Philopator for 17 year
OGIS_81   (221-205)   is a friend of king Ptolemaios, had continually
OGIS_82   (217-208)   icated to king Ptolemaios and queen Arsinoē
OGIS_84   (217-210)   lly has towards king Ptolemaios and [his] sister qu
OGIS_86   (c. 210-204)   On behalf of king Ptolemaios and queen Arsinoē
OGIS_91   (205-181)   iphanes, the son of Ptolemaios and Arsinoē [th
OGIS_111   (152-145)   tai [and of the gods] Philopatores and of the gods
OGIS_168   (115)   getai, and of the gods Philopatores, and of the god
OGIS_730   (c. 217/6)   as an envoy to king Ptolemaios, on his return has r
OGIS_739   (112/11) ds Euergetai and the gods Philopatores and the gods Epiphaneis a
PHaun_6   τυθ Ptolemy, fearing that he might
Plin:HN_7.208   Antigonus Ptolemy Philadelphus Ptolemy Philopator surnamed Tryphon
Plut:Cleom_33-39 *   made of Cleomenes ; for Ptolemy, being afraid of his
Plut:Demetr_43   fterwards, indeed, Ptolemy Philopator built one of 40
Porph:Fr_44   lected an army and made war on Ptolemy Philopator. Sele
Porph:Fr_45   mpt the worthlessness of Ptolemy Philopator, because
RC_33   (208/7) King Ptolemaios to the council and the
RC_38   (203)   hts in the [? decree] of Ptolemaios . . . being
SEG_20.467   (c. 217)   atue of the great king Ptolemaios the god Philopato
SEG_38.1476   (206/5)   the reign of Ptolemaios, son of Ptolemaios and
SEG_39.1596   (217-204)   s statue of Ptolemaios the god Philopa
SEG_64.1894   (222-204) s goodwill towards king Ptolemaios and queen Arsinoē, t
SelPap_1.1A   (173) ds Euergetae and the gods Philopatores and the gods Epiphaneis a
SelPap_1.269A   (218) To King Ptolemy greeting from Heracleides, originating from
SelPap_1.269B   (218) To King Ptolemy greeting from Helladotē, daughter of
SelPap_3.105   (b) Blessed Ptolemy . . . set this
THI_65   (c. 238)   olemaios [B]   Ptolemaios of Macedonia, the so
THI_82   (217-209)   re dedicated to king Ptolemaios Philopator and quee
THI_85   (late 3rd century)   n], having come back safe to Ptolemaios (?) . . . a
THI_128   (210-205)   on] was archon, king Ptolemaios, son of king Ptolem
THI_261   (185/4)   lphus and of the Gods Philopatores, as being burden
THI_263.18   (c. 118) of Upper and Lower Egypt, Ptolemy the god Philopator, about the
THI_263.24   (c. 118) gods Euergetae, the gods Philopatores, ] the gods Epiphaneis,
ValMax_6.6.1   [6.1]   When Ptolemy the king had left the
Zenob_3.94   plies even more to Ptolemy Philopator: for he confined
Zenob_4.92   Magas, the brother of Philopator, in his bath, by pouri

  Ptolemy 5   V Epiphanes - king of Egypt, 204-180 B.C.
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  + Epiphanes
210/21 Birth of Ptolemy Epiphanes.
204/20a Ptolemy V is proclaimed king.
202/3 The violent death of Agathocles, the chief minister of Ptolemy.
202/6 nformal agreement to seize the overseas territories of Ptolemy V.
201/9 lemus acts as sole regent of Ptolemy V, despite the opposition of
200/3 embassy from Ptolemy V discusses intervention in Greece; the
200/3 ion in Greece; the senate sends M.Lepidus to be Ptolemy' adviser.
197/10 chus arranges the betrothal of his daughter Cleopatra to Ptolemy.
197/16 Ptolemy V captures the rebel stronghold at Lycopolis.
197/27 prus, and organises the coming of age (anacleteria) of Ptolemy V.
196/3 the "Rosetta Stone", a trilingual decree in honour of Ptolemy V.
193/6 his daughters in marriage to Ptolemy and Ariarathes, but Eumenes
193/11 Aristomenes is put to death by Ptolemy V.
186/9a Comanos, the general of Ptolemy, defeats and captures Ankhwennefer
185/3 Achaean assembly discusses relations with Eumenes and Ptolemy.
185/5 son of Joseph goes to Alexandria and gains the favour of Ptolemy.
185/9 Rebel leaders surrender to Ptolemy V; end of the Egyptian natives'
184/6 The death of Aristonicus, a eunuch and general of Ptolemy V.
184/9a of Egyptian priests granting honours to Ptolemy and Cleopatra.
184/9b SelPap_2.210A, an amnesty decree issued by Ptolemy V.
182/2a of the priests at Memphis in honour of Ptolemy V and Aristonicus.
180/4 Ptolemy V gives a squadron of ships as a gift to the Achaean Leagu
180/12 Ptolemy describes his friends as his "walking money-bags".
180/13 The death of Ptolemy V, and accession of Ptolemy VI.
    Within translations:
AET_4.19.A   Philopatores, and the Gods Epiphaneis,   Priest of Isis
AET_6.3.A   being priest of king {sic} Ptolemy the god manifest, who has
AET_7.10.A   19, Choiak 30, of Pharaoh Ptolemy, son of Ptolemy and Arsinoe,
AET_7.10.B   of Pharaoh Ptolemy, son of Ptolemy and Kleopatra, the Manifest gods,
AET_7.12   the Beneficent god, son of Ptolemy and Cleopatra, the Manifest gods,
AET_7.12.B   the Beneficent god, son of Ptolemy and Cleopatra, the Manifest gods,
AET_7.13.A   who are come forth { Epiphaneis } and the god [who
AET_7.18.B   month Epeiph, of king l.p.h. Ptolemy l.p.h. son of Ptolemy l.p.h.
AET_8.12   Whereas king Ptolemy, the ever-living, the beloved of
AET_8.13   (c. 90)   lopator, Son of Ra Ptolemy blessed Epiphanes,
AET_8.13.D   of Philopator, Son of Ra Ptolemy blessed Epiphanes, the strong one,
AET_9.2.B   of Amun son of Re Ptolemy living for ever, beloved of
AET_9.2.C   Egypt heir of the gods Epiphanes, image of Ptah, chosen of
AET_9.4.A   Year 10 Mechir of King Ptolemy the son of Ptolemy and
AET_9.4.B   [Regnal-year 23 of king] Ptolemy [ son of Ptolemy ],
AET_9.4.D   Euergetai, the children of Ptolemy and Cleopatra the gods
ChronPasc_433   years. [Ol. 143.4] Ptolemy Epiphanes, the son of Ptolem
ChronPasc_436   his daughter Cleopatra to be Ptolemy' wife. Antiochus
ChronPasc_437   Philometor, the son of Ptolemy Epiphanes, became the
ChronSynt_91   Philopator for 17 years Ptolemy Epiphanes for 24 years
ChronSynt_100   Philopator for 21 years Ptolemy Epiphanes for 22 years
Euseb]:Chron_127   Philopator - for 21 years 5. Ptolemy Epiphanes - for
Euseb]:Chron_161   ter him, the fifth Ptolemy, called Epiphanes, reigned
Euseb]:Chron_169   hilopator - for 21 years Ptolemy Epiphanes - for 24 yea
ExcBarb_35B   hilopator, his son Ptolemy Epiphanes was king for 24
ExcBarb_46B   Philopator for 17 years Ptolemy Epiphanes for [24] yea
Hieron:Chron_1814   ies in Spain. 144.2 * . [1814] Ptolemy Epiphanes [becam
Hieron:Chron_1827   greeing peace terms with Ptolemy, Antiochus sent his
Hieron:Chron_1836   the Jews, went to visit Ptolemy, who received him with
Joseph:AJ_12.130   his son, who was called Epiphanes, it fell out that these
Joseph:AJ_12.131   hen Antiochus had beaten Ptolemy, he seized upon Judaea
Joseph:AJ_12.135   Scopas, the general of Ptolemy's army, went in haste
Joseph:AJ_12.154   iendship and league with Ptolemy, and gave him his daug
Joseph:AJ_12.158   states, he provoked king Ptolemy Euergetes to anger,
Joseph:AJ_12.165-167 *   the temple, and treated Ptolemy's ambassador in a hosp
Joseph:AJ_12.170   ria, and heard that king Ptolemy was at Memphis, be wen
Joseph:AJ_12.172   he was. [172] So Ptolemy saluted him first, and desir
Joseph:AJ_12.178   for both parties." So Ptolemy laughed at the proposa
Joseph:AJ_12.182   had done. [182] Ptolemy admired the prudent conduct
Joseph:AJ_12.196   when one told him that Ptolemy had a son just born,
Joseph:AJ_12.205   of it. [205] And Ptolemy sent for Hyrcanus, and told
Joseph:AJ_12.219   roy him. [219] Now Ptolemy admired at the young man's
Joseph:AJ_12.235   the kingdom. [235] Ptolemy also, the king of Egypt, die
Malal_197   after him the sixth king was Ptolemy Epiphanes [ ...
OGIS_86   (c. 210-204)   ē and their son Ptolemaios, the gods Philopato
OGIS_91   (205-181)   On behalf of king Ptolemaios the god Epiphanes, the
OGIS_99   (186-181)   ly shown towards king Ptolemaios and his sister q
OGIS_100   (186-180)   dwill towards king Ptolemaios and queen Kleopatra,
OGIS_101   (205-181)   behalf of king Ptolemaios and queen Kleop
OGIS_106   (174-172)   the children of king Ptolemaios and queen Kleopa
OGIS_739   (112/11) ds Philopatores and the gods Epiphaneis and the god Eupator a
Plut:Mor_202   kingdom during the minority of Ptolemy' children. When
Porph:Fr_45-49 *   four years old and was called Ptolemy Epiphanes. Agath
SEG_38.1476   (206/5)   getai, and of his son Ptolemaios, in year 17, when
SEG_51.1496   (195-185)   tiochos and the king Ptolemaios [who] now reigns,
SelPap_1.1A   (173) Philopatores and the gods Epiphaneis and the gods Philometores,
SelPap_1.38A   (132) king Ptolemy, son of Ptolemy, queen Kleopatra, the sister a
THI_260   (186)   the general of Ptolemy, Comanos (called Eumeno
THI_263.24   (c. 118) ds Philopatores, ] the gods Epiphaneis, the god Eupator, the g
ValMax_6.6.1   for the tuition of his son, the senate appointed M. Aemilius
Vit:Arat_1   during the reign of the fifth Ptolemy [204-180 B.C.].

  Ptolemy 6   VI Philometor - king of Egypt, 180-145 B.C.
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  + Philometor , Philometores
180/13 The death of Ptolemy V, and accession of Ptolemy VI.
175/4 The death of Cleopatra, mother of Ptolemy.
170/30 Embassies from Antiochus and Ptolemy arrive at Rome.
169/1 The coming of age (anacleteria) of Ptolemy VI.
169/8 The armies of Antiochus and Ptolemy advance to meet each other.
169/17 Ptolemy VI attempts to escape to Samothrace.
169/23 Ptolemy VI joins Antiochus, who promises to support him against
169/35 Reconciliation between Ptolemy VI and his brother Ptolemy VII.
168/8b of Chalcis in response to a consignment of grain from Ptolemy VI.
168/52 Embassies from Antiochus, Ptolemy, Eumenes and Masinissa, and from
165/9 Dionysius Petosarapis rebels against Ptolemy, but is defeated.
164/3 Ptolemy suppresses a rebellion in the Thebaid and captures Panonpo
164/5 Ptolemy VI is expelled from Egypt by his brother.
163/2 Ptolemy VI goes to Rome to get support for his restoration to Egyp
163/14 Ptolemy VI is restored to the throne of Egypt.
163/20 kingdom are divided up between Ptolemy VI and Ptolemy VIII.
163/25 OGIS_59, a letter from Ptolemy VI to Apollonius.
154/11 Ptolemy VI captures his brother, but spares his life and restores
150/9 and Cleopatra, daughter of Ptolemy VI; Alexander summons Jonatha
146/14 Ptolemy VI transfers his support from Alexander Balas to Demetrius
145/10 Ptolemy VI supports the Jews of Alexandria against the Samaritans.
145/11 Ptolemy VI enters Antioch.
145/17 General comments on the mild character of Ptolemy VI.
145/18 Ptolemy dies of wounds sustained at the battle of Oenoparus.
145/19 Ptolemy' army returns to Egypt, and Demetrius II gains control of
    Within translations:
1Macc_1   fleet. 18 He engaged Ptolemy king of Egypt in battle,
1Macc_10   nder sent ambassadors to Ptolemy king of Egypt with the
1Macc_11   ather-in-law. But when Ptolemy entered the cities he sta
2Macc_1   nted priests, teacher of Ptolemy the king, and to the Jews
2Macc_4   for the coronation of Philometor as king, Antiochus lea
2Macc_9   us, he betook himself to Ptolemy Philometor in Egypt. [10
2Macc_10   abandoned Cyprus, which Philometor had entrusted to him,
4Macc_4   he was warring against Ptolemy in Egypt, he heard tha
AET_2.3.A   acted as representative for Pharaoh Ptolemy our lord. I caused him
AET_6.3.A   7 (?), of the kings Ptolemy and Cleopatra his sister, the
AET_7.10.B   Year 6, Mechir, of Pharaoh Ptolemy, son of Ptolemy and Kleopatra,
AET_7.13.A   the] mother-loving [god] { Philometor }and the young father-loving
AET_8.13   (c. 90)   opatra Berenice, the two Philometores, beloved of
AET_8.13.A   Cleopatra Berenice the two Philometores beloved of Horus Behdety
AET_9.2.C   Amun ; Son of Re Ptolemy, living for ever, beloved of
AET_9.4.C   ..., day ... of pharaoh Ptolemy and] Cleopatra, who are called
AET_9.4.D   the god Eupator, the god Philometor, and the gods Euergetai, was
Athen_5.195   Egypt, having plundered Ptolemy Philometor the king
Athen_6.252   him, as also he had with Ptolemy Philometor, though he
ChronPasc_437   years. [Ol. 149.4] Ptolemy Philometor, the son of Ptole
ChronPasc_441   puted in the presence of Ptolemy Philopator about the
ChronSynt_100   Epiphanes for 22 years Ptolemy Philometor for 34 year
Diod_33.6   Physcon, the brother of Philometor, began his reign most
Diod_33.12   ompared with his brother Philometor's; for his brother was
Diod_33.20   was a friend of Ptolemy Philometor, and commanded
Euseb]:Chron_127   for 22 years 6. Ptolemy Philometor - for 34 years
Euseb]:Chron_161   sons, the elder called Philometor and the younger called
Euseb]:Chron_163   instead, and after that Philometor ruled as sole king of
Euseb]:Chron_169   Epiphanes - for 24 years Ptolemy Philometor - for 31
Euseb]:Chron_255   with the assistance of Ptolemy and Attalus, and he
ExcBarb_35B   maeus Epiphanes, his son Ptolemy Philometor was king
ExcBarb_36A   Syria. [36A] After Ptolemy Philometor, his son the seco
ExcBarb_46B   Epiphanes for [24] years Ptolemy Philometor for 35 year
Hieron:Chron_1838   180-177 B.C.] 150.2 * . [1838] Ptolemy Philometor [beca
Hieron:Chron_1841   ries on the works of Moses for Ptolemy Philometor. 151.
Hieron:Chron_1869   respective temples, and Ptolemy decided in favour of
Joseph:AJ_12.235   the elder of which was called Philometor, and the younges
Joseph:AJ_12.242   he contemned the son of Ptolemy, as now weak, and not
Joseph:AJ_12.243   lusium, and circumvented Ptolemy Philometor by treacher
Joseph:AJ_12.387   nother house, he fled to Ptolemy, king of Egypt; [388]
Joseph:AJ_13.69   was what Onias wrote to king Ptolemy. Now any one may
Joseph:AJ_13.70   their reply: [70] "King Ptolemy and queen Cleopatra
Joseph:AJ_13.74   out their temples before Ptolemy himself; the Jews sayi
Joseph:AJ_13.76   law; and they desired of Ptolemy, that whomsoever he
Joseph:AJ_13.103-113 *   time it was that king Ptolemy, who was called Philom
Joseph:AJ_13.116-120 *   pillaged it; whereupon Ptolemy, and his son-in-law
Joseph:AJ_13.62-64 *   er, and who fled to king Ptolemy, who was called Philom
Joseph:AJ_13.79-82 *   at Alexandria in the days of Ptolemy Philometor. [4.]
Joseph:AJ_20.236   into the friendship of Ptolemy Philometor, and Cleopa
Joseph:BJ_1.31-33 *   quarrel with the sixth Ptolemy about his right to the
Just_34.2   of Syria, made war upon Ptolemy king of Egypt, his eld
Just_35.1   but receiving aid from Ptolemy king of Egypt, Attalus
Just_38.8   anwhile, on the death of Ptolemy, the throne, with the
Malal_197   after him the seventh king was Ptolemy Philometor for
Malal_205   Epiphanes was angry with Ptolemy, the king of Egypt,
Malal_206   of Egypt, [206] because Ptolemy demanded taxes from
OGIS_59   (163)   [A]   King Ptolemaios to Apollonios,
OGIS_82   (217-208)   inoē, the gods Philometores, and to Sarapis
OGIS_102   (c. 155)   as dedicated to king Ptolemaios and the other gods,
OGIS_104   (167-145)   the kinsman of king Ptolemaios and exegetes and sup
OGIS_106   (174-172)   dedicated to king Ptolemaios and queen Kleopatra,
OGIS_107   (172-170)   r] and wife, the gods Philometores, [this gateway]
OGIS_111   (152-145)   icated to king Ptolemaios and queen Kleopatra
OGIS_116   (c. 154)   s the allies of king Ptolemaios in Cyprus, and had
OGIS_125   (152-150) d Eupator, son of king Ptolemaios and queen Cleopatra, the go
OGIS_150   (157/6)   o were sent to king Ptolemaios - Astyochos and Euag
OGIS_168   (115)   opatra's] name, [gods Philometores Soteres], should
OGIS_739   (112/11) god Eupator and the god Philometor and the god Neos Philopator
Oros_4.20.30   first, all of Italy; then, Ptolemy the king of Egypt; and
Porph:Fr_38   out of the ten horns are Ptolemy VI Philometor, Ptolema
Porph:Fr_50   again gathered an army against Ptolemy, and invaded the
Porph:Fr_55   ught against his sister's son, Ptolemy Philometor. When
Porph:Fr_49a   honour of royalty" by Ptolemy' supporters in Syria,
Porph:Fr_49b   ched with a large army against Ptolemy, his sister's
POxy_1241   os. 4. A mistake for (?) "Philometor". 5. Greek:
SelPap_1.1A   (173) year of the reign of Ptolemy son of Ptolemy and Cleopatra,
SelPap_1.271C   (B.C.) To King Ptolemy and Queen Cleopatra the sister,
Syll_1028.A   (c. 158-145) Procession for king Ptolemaios
Syll_685   (112/1)   ver of their islands, Ptolemaios the late king of Egyp
THI_21   (149/8) [To king Ptolemaios . . . greetings .
THI_113   (195-168)   ferred this to [king] Ptolemaios as arbitrator, [so
THI_114.A   and prominence by King Ptolemaios the elder, previously in
THI_114.B   the affairs of King Ptolemaios and his sister queen Kleopat
THI_150   (163-146)   bitrators came from king] Ptolemaios. Concerning th
THI_263.24   (c. 118) e god Eupator, the god Philometor, the two gods Euergetae, sayin
ValMax_5.1.1   of Roman clemency. For king Ptolemy, when he was thrown out
ValMax_6.4.3   which he was waging against Ptolemy; when he came to him,

  Ptolemy 7   VII Neos Philopator - son of Ptolemy VI
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AET_7.13.A   young father-loving god { Neos Philopator [and the beneficent
OGIS_739   (112/11) ilometor and the god Neos Philopator and the god Euergetes a

  Ptolemy 8   VIII Euergetes II Physcon - king of Egypt, 145-116 B.C.
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  + Euergetes , Physcon
170/20 Ptolemy VIII becomes joint ruler with his brother.
169/35 Reconciliation between Ptolemy VI and his brother Ptolemy VIII.
163/20 kingdom are divided up between Ptolemy VI and Ptolemy VIII.
163/26 Ptolemy VIII persuades the senate to award him a larger share
162/8 Ptolemy VIII is defeated by the people of Cyrene while trying
161/1 The senate confirms its support for Ptolemy VIII.
155/3 SEG_9.7, the will published by Ptolemy VIII.
154/5 The senate supports the claim of Ptolemy VIII to rule Cyprus.
147/10 Ptolemy VIII visits Corinth.
145/20 Ptolemy VIII gives a magnificent banquet on becoming priest of Apo
145/21 Accession of Ptolemy VIII.
144/8 The coronation of Ptolemy VIII and the birth of Memphites.
140/6 Ptolemy Physcon marries his step-daughter Cleopatra, and brutally
139/3 his companions privately express their contempt for king Ptolemy.
138/10 together exiles from Egypt and starts a revolt against Ptolemy.
131/9 Ptolemy VIII makes himself unpopular with his subjects by his many
131/10 gains control of Egypt, and Ptolemy escapes to Cyprus, after ruli
130/1 sthladas to his parents which mentions a revolt against Ptolemy
130/7 Ptolemy VIII murders his eldest son.
130/8 Ptolemy VIII murders his son Memphites.
129/29 Cleopatra II appeals to Demetrius for help against Ptolemy.
128/6 Ptolemy VIII sets up Alexander Zabinas as a pretender to the throne
127/6 The army of Ptolemy VIII defeats the Alexandrians.
126/14 referring to protection given by "cousins" of Ptolemy Euergetes.
122/1 Grypus is reconciled with Ptolemy VIII and marries his daughter
118/1 PTeb_5, indulgences granted by king Ptolemy.
117/5a OGIS_168.H, a letter to Ptolemy VIII from the priests in Elephantine
116/5 The parasite Hierax of Antioch is put to death by Ptolemy.
116/7a escribes a friendly ruler (? Ptolemy VIII), in "The Potter's Oracl
116/8 The death of Ptolemy VIII and accession of Ptolemy IX.
115/4c OGIS_168, letters from Ptolemy IX and Cleopatra to priests and offic
    Within translations:
1Macc_15   of the Romans, to King Ptolemy, greeting. 17 The envoys
AET_7.12   of winter, day 7, under Ptolemy, the Beneficent god, son of
AET_7.12.B   winter, day 7, under King Ptolemy, the Beneficent god, son of
AET_7.13.A   [and the beneficent god] { Euergetes II } and the 5
AET_8.13   (c. 90)   Epiphanes, Son of Ra Ptolemy blessed Euergetes
AET_8.13.A   Egypt, Ptolemy the heir of Euergetes and his sister and wife,
AET_8.13.E   of Epiphanes, Son of Ra Ptolemy blessed Euergetes and his consort,
AET_8.19   like Ra. Son of Ra: Ptolemy, living forever, beloved of Ptah,
AET_9.4.D   33 Mechir 23 of King Ptolemy and Cleopatra the gods Euergetai,
Athen_2.43   underground. And Ptolemy the king, in the Seventh Boo
Athen_4.174   the reign of the second Ptolemy surnamed Euergetes;
Athen_4.184   learning in the time of Ptolemy the seventh king of
Athen_6.252   terrible flatterer of Ptolemy, seventh king of Egypt
Athen_9.387   lpha;ς. But Ptolemy Euergetes, in the second boo
Athen_10.438   among the Romans, whom Ptolemy Euergetes mentions in
Athen_12.518   ritania, made answer (as Ptolemy relates, in the eighth
Athen_12.549   umanity. [73.] And Ptolemy the Seventh, king of Egypt,
Athen_13.576   Philadelphus by name, as Ptolemy Euergetes relates in
Athen_14.654   respect to the pheasant, Ptolemy the king, in the twelfth
ChronPasc_441   rious. [Ol. 158.3] Ptolemy, who was called the second
ChronPasc_444   killed by his father-in-law Ptolemy. [Ol. 159.3] Pto
ChronPasc_448   Alexander, the son of Ptolemy the second Euergetes
ChronPasc_449   Alexander, the son of Ptolemy the second Euergetes
ChronSynt_91   Epiphanes for 24 years Ptolemy Philometor for 35 year
ChronSynt_100   Philometor for 34 years Ptolemy Euergetes for 29 years
Diod_33.6   omeland. [6] &   Ptolemy Physcon, the brother of Phil
Diod_33.12   [12] & In Egypt, king Ptolemy was hated by all his
Diod_33.13   At the time when Ptolemy, in the traditional manner
Diod_33.22   general. [22] & Ptolemy [was hated by all] on accoun
Diod_33.23   ans altogether condemned Ptolemy when they saw him so
Diod_33.6a   6a] & The younger Ptolemy reigned for fifteen years
Diod_33.28b   kingdom of Egypt. Ptolemy met them in pomp and state,
Diod_34.14   will not." [14] &   Ptolemy Physcon, when he saw
Diod_34.20   gelochus, the general of Ptolemy Physcon, was sent agai
Eupolemus_4   and the twelfth year of Ptolemy king of Egypt [? 158
Euseb]:Chron_161   ounger called the second Euergetes, who ruled after him
Euseb]:Chron_163   also under his control, Euergetes was called back from
Euseb]:Chron_171   - for 31 years [p171] Ptolemy the second Euergetes
Euseb]:Chron_257   as Pelusium, but when Ptolemy Physcon confronted him
Euseb]:Chron_261   of Tryphaena the daughter of Ptolemy VIII, was also
ExcBarb_36A   etor, his son the second Euergetes was king in Egypt for
ExcBarb_46B   Philometor for 35 years Ptolemy Euergetes Physcus for
Festus:Brev_13   ugh the liberality of an older Ptolemy. We acquired Lib
Hieron:Chron_1873   144-141 B.C.] 159.1 * . [1873] Ptolemy Euergetes [becam
Hieron:Chron_1874   ns. 159.2 . [1874] Ptolemy gave his own daughter as wif
Hieron:Chron_1877   son of Alexander. Ptolemy gave his daughter as wife
Hieron:Chron_1888   162.4 . [1888] [1889 in Ar.] Ptolemy was forced out
Joseph:AJ_12.235   Philometor, and the youngest Physcon. [236] As for Hyrca
Joseph:AJ_12.243   it by siege, and of subduing Ptolemy, who reigned the
Joseph:AJ_13.267   had sent ambassadors to Ptolemy, who was called Physco
Joseph:AJ_14.250   paying customs, but only Ptolemy, the king of Alexandri
Just_34.2   to his younger brother Ptolemy, and, having shared
Just_38.8   offered by an embassy to the Ptolemy who was reigning
Just_39.1-3 *   in his absence. Ptolemy, king of Egypt, too, who was
OGIS_119.B   [B]   [ To king Ptolemaios . . . and Kleopatra
OGIS_129   (c. 42-30)   yer hall. King Ptolemaios Euergetes proclaimed
OGIS_130   (c. 143/2)   behalf of king Ptolemaios and queen Kleopatra
OGIS_131   (136/5)   On behalf of king Ptolemaios [and queen Kleopatra
OGIS_132   (130)   behalf of king Ptolemaios and queen Kleopatra
OGIS_139   (c. 124-116) To king Ptolemaios and queen Kleopatra, the sister,
OGIS_151   (142-131)   the kinsman of king Ptolemaios, and general and adm
OGIS_152   (142-131)   oodwill towards king Ptolemaios and queen Kleopatra
OGIS_153   (142-131)   odwill towards] king Ptolemaios and queen [Kleopatr
OGIS_155   (142-131)   ally has towards king Ptolemaios [and queen Kleopat
OGIS_156   (c. 124)   lly has towards king [Ptolemaios and queen] Kleopat
OGIS_168   (115)   nbsp; [To king Ptolemaios and to queen Kleopatra th
OGIS_739   (112/11) Philopator and the god Euergetes and the goddess Euergetis,
Oros_5.10   year, the miserable life of Ptolemy, the king of the Alexandrians,
Porph:Fr_38   tolemaeus VI Philometor, Ptolemy VII Euergetes, and Art
Poseidon_4   erax of Antioch, a parasite of Ptolemy Euergetes. Book
Poseidon_6   hen_12.549'd-e & Scipio visits Ptolemy Euergetes in Ale
POxy_1241   Greek: lonchophoroi. 6. (?) Ptolemy Euergetes II.
SEG_37.1372.B   (145/4) [B]   King Ptolemaios to the foot [and cavalry]
SelPap_1.38A   (132) In the reign of king Ptolemy, son of Ptolemy, queen Kleopatra,
THI_23   (late 2nd cent.)   Alexandria by King Ptolemaios Euergetes set up this
THI_175.A   official business to king Ptolemaios in Alexandria and to Pet
THI_263.24   (c. 118) Philometor, the two gods Euergetae, saying: "Behold, I have
THI_57.B   (135) [B]   [King Ptolemaios and] queen Kleopatra the sister
ValMax_9.1e.5   [1e.5]   Ptolemy the king lived as an
ValMax_9.2e.5   [2e.5]   Again Ptolemy Physcon comes upon the stage;

  Ptolemy 9   IX Soter II Lathyrus - king of Egypt, 116-107 and 88-80 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
  + Physcon , Soteres
116/8 The death of Ptolemy VIII and accession of Ptolemy IX.
108/13 Ptolemy Lathyrus sends six thousand soldiers as aid to Antiochus
107/5 Cleopatra forces Ptolemy Lathyrus to escape to Cyprus, and Ptolema
106/7 plot against Ptolemy Lathyrus is uncovered at Seleuceia.
103/3 Ptolemy Lathyrus comes to the aid of Ptolemais against Alexander
103/6 Ptolemy Lathyrus defeats Alexander Jannaeus in battle.
103/9 Cleopatra expels Ptolemy Lathyrus from Palestine.
102/2 Ptolemy Lathyrus attempts to invade Egypt, but is repulsed.
102/3 remain loyal to Cleopatra in the war against Ptolemy Lathyrus.
88/19 expelled in a popular uprising, and Ptolemy IX returns to Egypt.
88/59 town of Pathyris, announcing that Ptolemy Soter is at Memphis.
86/36 Ptolemy cruelly suppresses a revolt by the inhabitants of Thebes.
86/43 ucullus is greeted warmly by Ptolemy, but given little material
81/71 December} The death of Ptolemy IX Soter; his daughter Cleopatra
    Within translations:
AET_4.12   (41)   lord of the land, Ptolemy { IX }, the Saviour
AET_4.13   the lord of the land, Ptolemy the Saviour God, the Conqueror,
AET_6.3.B   Cleopatra and the king Ptolemy their son, the Mother-loving
AET_6.4.C   and the king l.p.h. Ptolemy l.p.h. the Mother-loving Saviour
AET_7.13.A   the kings, Kleopatra and Ptolemaios, [the mother-loving gods who
AET_7.13.B   the kings, Kleopatra and Ptolemaios, the [mother-loving] gods [who]
AET_7.13.C   the] kings, Kleopatra and Ptolemaios, [the] mother-loving gods who
AET_8.13   (c. 90)   r of Eurgetes, [Son of Ra Ptolemy Soter] . . .
AET_8.13.G   of Euergetes, [Son of Ra Ptolemy Soter] . . .
AET_8.13.H   Then his elder brother Ptolemy Soter regained possession of
ChronPasc_445   aste. [Ol. 165.3] Ptolemy Physcon, who was also called
ChronPasc_449   Lycia. [Ol. 172.3] Ptolemy Potheinus, also called Physc
ChronSynt_91   Euergetes for 29 years Ptolemy Phuscon for 17 years
ChronSynt_100   Euergetes for 29 years Ptolemy Soter for 15 years Pto
Diod_34.39a   & When the elder Ptolemy was shut up in the city of
Euseb]:Chron_163-167 *   opatra, the elder called Ptolemy Soter and the younger
Euseb]:Chron_171   Euergetes - for 29 years Ptolemy Physcon, or Soter -
ExcBarb_36A   as. The next king in Egypt was Ptolemy Soter, for 36
ExcBarb_46B   tes Physcus for 29 years Ptolemy Soter for 36 years Pto
FGrH_252.A   s], and Soter, nicknamed Physcon, returned to Egypt and
Hieron:Chron_1902   166.2 * . [1902] Ptolemy Physcon, also called Soter,
Hieron:Chron_1919   10 years. After Ptolemy Physcon had been forced out
Hieron:Chron_1929   173.1 * . [1929] Ptolemy, who had been forced out by
Joseph:AJ_13.278   six thousand men from Ptolemy Lathyrus, which were
Joseph:AJ_13.285   variance with her son Ptolemy, who was called Lathyr
Joseph:AJ_13.287   ard thither, revolted to Ptolemy immediately; only thos
Joseph:AJ_13.328   kings of Egypt, and from Ptolemy Lathyrus, who now held
Joseph:AJ_13.331-339 *   erlook an army raised by Ptolemy for himself out of the
Joseph:AJ_13.342   ith them. However, Ptolemy's soldiers acted quite other
Joseph:AJ_13.345   fter this victory, Ptolemy overran all the country; and
Joseph:AJ_13.347   already related. Ptolemy also took Ptolemais by force
Joseph:AJ_13.351   eged the city; [351] but Ptolemy went out of Syria, and
Joseph:AJ_13.353   miseries he endured by Ptolemy he had no other refuge
Joseph:AJ_13.356-359 *   the fear he was in of Ptolemy, he presently made an
Joseph:AJ_13.370   part of Syria; [370] but Ptolemy Lathyrus sent for his
Joseph:BJ_1.86   battle between him and Ptolemy, who was called Lathyr
Just_39.4   isfied at having her son Ptolemy to share her throne,
Just_39.5   crown was restored to Ptolemy, who was recalled, bec
Just_40.1   idates of Pontus, others Ptolemy of Egypt, but it being
OGIS_168   (115)     [Whereas king Ptolemaios] great god Philomet
OGIS_172   (88) of king Ptolemaios the god Soter and of the Ptolemaian temple
OGIS_739   (112/11) of Kleopatra and Ptolemaios, the gods Philomētores
Plin:HN_6.188   before the reign of King Ptolemy Lathyrus in Egypt. Some writers

  Ptolemy 10   X Alexander - king of Egypt, 107-88 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
  + Alexander
113/16 Ptolemy Alexander assumes the official title of king.
109/14 letter from Antiochus VIII to Ptolemy X concerning Seleuceia.
107/5 rus to escape to Cyprus, and Ptolemy Alexander takes over as king.
101/20 ueen Cleopatra, allegedly murdered by her son, Ptolemy Alexander.
96/1 109 (OGIS_761), a letter of Ptolemy Alexander concerning the temple
88/18 gross appearance and luxurious lifestyle of Ptolemy X Alexander.
88/19 Ptolemy X Alexander is expelled in a popular uprising, and Ptolema
87/11 Ptolemy Alexander allegedly draws up a will bequeathing Egypt
87/12 Ptolemy Alexander is killed in an attack on Cyprus.
    Within translations:
AET_6.3.C   23, Kiyahk 29, of king Ptolemy who is called Alexander and
AET_6.3.D   . 3 (?), of king Ptolemy who is called Alexander and
AET_8.13   (c. 90)   Euergetes, Son of Ra Ptolemy Alexander, until he
AET_8.13.A   of Upper and Lower Egypt, Ptolemy the heir of Euergetes and
AET_8.13.H   of Euergetes, Son of Ra Ptolemy Alexander, until he hastened off
Athen_12.550   ride him home." His son Alexander also became exceedingly
ChronPasc_448   nate. [Ol. 170.1] Ptolemy Alexander, the son of Ptolem
ChronPasc_449   alends of October. Ptolemy Alexander, the son of Ptolem
ChronSynt_91   eus Phuscon for 17 years Ptolemy Alexander for 10 years
ChronSynt_92   which was the 7th year of king Alexander. 19. The kingdom
ChronSynt_100   maeus Soter for 15 years Ptolemy Alexander for 12 years
Euseb]:Chron_163   Soter and the younger called Ptolemy Alexander. The
Euseb]:Chron_165   a naval battle. Alexander was forced to take refuge wit
Euseb]:Chron_171   17 years and 6 months Ptolemy Alexander, after the
ExcBarb_46B   maeus Soter for 36 years Ptolemy Philadelphus Soter for
Hieron:Chron_1919   in Sicily. 170.3 * . [1919] Ptolemy Alexander [becam
Hieron:Chron_1929   came king again, because Alexander the previous king was
Joseph:AJ_13.350   tra also ordered her son Alexander to sail with a great
Just_39.4   ime, for her younger son Alexander, and making him king
Just_39.5   murder, on the part of Alexander, go unpunished; for as
OGIS_175   (104)   s Euergetis, and king Ptolemaios also called Alexan
OGIS_176   (98)   On behalf of king Ptolemaios called Alexandros, a
OGIS_177   (97/6)   behalf of king Ptolemaios also called Alexandros
OGIS_178   (95)   On behalf of king Ptolemaios called Alexandros, the
OGIS_179   (95)   behalf of king Ptolemaios, also called Alexandro
OGIS_740.A   (95) bsp; On behalf of King Ptolemaios also called Alexandros and Que
OGIS_740.B   (95) [B]   To King Ptolemaios also called Alexandros, god
Poseidon_26   12.550'a-b & The corpulence of Ptolemy Alexander, king
RC_72   (109) we have written [to king Ptolemaios and to the] Roman [Senate,

  Ptolemy 11   XI Alexander II - king of Egypt, 80 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
  + Alexander
88/43 inhabitants of Cos surrender Alexander, the son of the Egyptian king,
84/2 Ptolemy Alexander escapes from Mithridates and takes refuge with
80/6 Sulla sends Ptolemy XI Alexander to be king of Egypt.
80/7 Ptolemy Alexander is killed in a riot at Alexandria after murderin
    Within translations:
Euseb]:Chron_165 formally attribute to Alexander the 19 days in which
Euseb]:Chron_167 itted. [p167] This Alexander was succeeded by Ptolemy,

  Ptolemy 12   XII New Dionysus or Auletes - king of Egypt, 80-51 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
  + Alexas , Dionysus
80/7 fter murdering Berenice, and is succeeded by Ptolemy XII Auletes.
76/31a Memphis, and presides at the formal coronation of Ptolemy XII
63/37 ccount of the vast wealth of Ptolemy, king of Egypt, at this time.
59/15 The Romans recognise Ptolemy as a Roman ally, after he pays a larg
58/42 Ptolemy is forced out by an uprising at Alexandria, and his daught
58/58 Ptolemy Auletes visits Cato at Rhodes.
57/11 Ptolemy Auletes comes to Rome, in order to seek support for his
57/37 Alexandria, is murdered, allegedly at the instigation of Ptolemy.
57/54 Ptolemy borrows money from Rabirius Postumus, during his stay
56/1 her, the Romans do not agree to restore Ptolemy as king of Egypt.
56/9 Ptolemy despairs of gaining Roman support, and goes away to the
55/4 authorising Gabinius to assist Ptolemy' return to Egypt by force.
55/10 invades Egypt, defeats Archelaus and reinstates Ptolemy as king.
55/11 Ptolemy kills his daughter Berenice.
51/9 philosopher, is punished by Ptolemy for refusing to copy the king
51/10 Ptolemy Auletes names Ptolemy XIII and Cleopatra as his joint
51/11 The death of Ptolemy XII Auletes.
51/12 comments on the character of Ptolemy Auletes, a keen flute-player.
    Within translations:
AET_4.12   (41)   , Lord of Diadems, Ptolemy { XII }, that the
AET_4.13   the Sun, Lord of Diadems, Ptolemy that the high office of
AET_5.4   (42)   t, in the 9th year of Ptolemy the New Dionsysu
AET_5.4   in the 9th year of Ptolemy the New Dionysus {9 Choiak
AET_5.5   king in Rakoti 16 Ptolemy, the god Philopator Philadelphus.
AET_9.2.E   year 28, Phamenoth 12 {of Ptolemy XII; 15th March 53 B.C.
Athen_5.206   dissipated by the last Ptolemy, who also excited the
ChronPasc_449   ears. [Ol. 174.3] Ptolemy the new Dionysus, who was
ChronPasc_456   after 16 months. Ptolemy the new Dionysus, who was
ChronSynt_91   the exile for 8 years Ptolemy Dionysus for 30 years
ChronSynt_100   Philippus for 8 years Ptolemy Dionysus for 30 years
Euseb]:Chron_131   Egypt, in the reign of Ptolemy, who was called the
Euseb]:Chron_167   exander was succeeded by Ptolemy, called the new Dionys
Euseb]:Chron_171   Alexander - for 8 years Ptolemy Dionysus, called Phila
Euseb]:Chron_261   with the daughters of Ptolemy, when Ptolemy Diony
ExcBarb_36A   next king in Egypt was the new Dionysus, for 29 years. In
ExcBarb_36B   ria. After the new Dionysus, Cleopatra Berenice was (?)
ExcBarb_46B   lphus Soter for 25 years Ptolemy the new Dionysus for
Hieron:Chron_1937   [=80-77 B.C.] 175.1 * . [1937] Ptolemy Dionysius [becam
Joseph:AJ_14.98   nto Egypt, in order to restore Ptolemy to his kingdom.
Joseph:BJ_1.175   ians, he was hindered by Ptolemy, whom, upon his return
Malal_197   years. The twelfth Ptolemy was called Dionysus, and rei
OGIS_182.A   (78)  On behalf of king Ptolemaios and queen Kleopatra, also
OGIS_185   (69) On behalf king Ptolemaios the god Philopator Philadelphos and
OGIS_187   (58) of the great king Ptolemaios the god Neos Dionysos,
OGIS_741   (52) On behalf of king Ptolemaios, the god Neos Dionysos, and
OGIS_764.D   with the statue of king Ptolemaios set up in the colonnade
Plin:HN_33.136   of the riches of the Ptolemy who is recorded by Varro,
Sall:Hist_4.67   edom at that time, and to king Ptolemy. 11 But I took
Schol:Bob_92   been deposited there by king Alexas. [Cicero] therefore
Schol:Bob_93   hich refers to his will: Ptolemy could not have been
THI_2   (54/3) to the god by king Ptolemaios the God New Dionysos, 34

  Ptolemy 13   XIII Philopator II - king of Egypt, 51-47 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
51/10 Ptolemy Auletes names Ptolemy XIII and Cleopatra as his joint
49/55 Cleopatra is driven out of Egypt by her brother Ptolemy.
48/45 decides to sail on to Egypt, to seek refuge with king Ptolemy.
47/10 Caesar releases Ptolemy, who immediately joins the Egyptian forces
47/14 Ptolemy is defeated and killed in a battle by the river Nile.
    Within translations:
AET_9.2.E   year 1, Phamenoth 19 {of Ptolemy XIII; 22nd March 51 B.C.
Euseb]:Chron_167   with her elder brother Ptolemy and then with others,
Hieron:Chron_1970   [not in Ar.] The body of Ptolemy, in a golden breastpla
Malal_197   led Cleopatra and a son called Ptolemy. The thirteenth
Malal_217   banished by her brother Ptolemy, who was hostile towar
Oros_5.1   of Egypt with regard to Ptolemy, his murderer.
Oros_6.15   by order of the young Ptolemy, who hoped thereby to win
ValMax_1.8.9   the treachery of king Ptolemy, was then burning; altogether

  Ptolemy 14   XIV - king of Egypt, 47-44 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
47/19 establishes Cleopatra and Ptolemy XIV as joint rulers of Egypt.
44/102 Cleopatra kills her young brother, Ptolemy XIV.
    Within translations:
Euseb]:Chron_167   her, who was also called Ptolemy, became joint ruler
SelPap_1.40A   (44) e reign of Cleopatra and Ptolemy, gods Philopatores, and the re

  Ptolemy 16   of Alorus - regent of Macedonia, 368-365 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
Athen_14.629 Macedonian dance which Ptolemy was practising when he
ChronSynt_90 ars Alexander for 1 year Ptolemy for 4 years Perdiccas
Euseb]:Chron_227 usanias was king for one year. Ptolemy for 3 years. Per
Euseb]:Chron_229 Alexander - for one year Ptolemy of Alorus - for 3 year

  Ptolemy 17   Ceraunus - king of Macedonia, 281-279 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
291/7 Ptolemy Ceraunus seeks refuge with Lysimachus after being forced
282/35 Ptolemy Ceraunus leaves Lysimachus and seeks refuge with Seleucus.
281/35 Ptolemy Ceraunus assassinates Seleucus and makes himself king
281/40 Ptolemy Ceraunus attempts to win the support of other kings.
281/41 rrhus makes an alliance with Ptolemy Ceraunus and gets help from
280/17 Ptolemy Ceraunus defeats Antigonus the son of Demetrius.
279/2 The Gauls invade Macedonia; Ptolemy Ceraunus rejects an offer
279/3 Ptolemy Ceraunus promises to marry Arsinoe, but murders her childr
279/4 War between Ptolemy Ceraunus and Ptolemy the son of Lysimachus.
279/5 Ptolemy Ceraunus has a nightmare that he has been summoned to judg
279/6 Ptolemy Ceraunus is defeated and killed by the Gauls; Meleager is
    Within translations:
ChronSynt_90   Lysimachus for 6 years Ptolemy Ceraunus for 1 year
Euseb]:Chron_235   Seleucus was murdered by Ptolemy Ceraunus, the son of
Euseb]:Chron_241-245 *   for 5 years and 5 months Ptolemy Ceraunus - for 1 year
Euseb]:Chron_249   ushed and killed by his friend Ptolemy, called Ceraunus
ExcBarb_44A   30. Lysimachus for 5 years 31. Ptolemy Ceraunus for 2
Hieron:Chron_1735   735] [1734 in Ar.] Ptolemy Ceraunus [became king] of
Just_17.2   eacherously surprised by Ptolemy, whose sister Lysimach
Just_24.1-5 *   in Sicily, the kings, Ptolemy Ceraunus and Antigonus,
Memn_5   gainst Lysimachus. Ptolemy, who carried out this outrag
Memn_8   Antiochus. But Ptolemy Ceraunus, because the kingdo
Nepos_21.3   was treacherously killed by Ptolemy, surnamed Ceraunus or 'the
Oros_3.23.60   64 He was attacked by Ptolemy, whose sister had married Lysimachus,
Plin:HN_6.31   when he was killed by Ptolemy Cerannus was contemplating cutting a
Vit:Arat_3   canor, who was killed by Ptolemy Ceraunus, the son of

  Ptolemy 23   - grandson of Pyrrhus; king of Epirus, about 235 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
232/5 Revolution in Epirus, after the deaths of Ptolemy and Olympias.
    Within translations:
Just_28.1 of her sons Pyrrhus and Ptolemy, whom she had by him,
Just_28.3 minions to her sons, and Ptolemy had succeeded in the
Polyaen_8.52.1 bracia, to avenge the death of Ptolemy. And when the
Syll_453 (c. 230)   ng Pyrrhos [King Ptolemaios [Dedicated by] Nereis

  Ptolemy 36   Apion - king of Cyrene, died in 96 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
  + Apion , Appion
96/9 Ptolemy Apion dies; his will bequeaths Cyrene to Rome.
    Within translations:
Cassiod:Chr_658   year of these consuls, Ptolemy the king of Egypt left
Festus:Brev_13   ibya after the mastery of King Appion had been suppressed.
Hieron:Chron_1922   1922] [not in Ar.] Ptolemy the king of Cyrene died, and
Hieron:Chron_1952   the Romans by the will of king Appion. [not in Ar.] Horati
Obseq_49   After the city was lustrated Ptolemy, king of Egypt, died at
Poseidon_T1   down to the Cyrenaic war and Ptolemy". Book 2
Sall:Hist_1.6   ister the estate of king Ptolemy, who had left the Roma
Sall:Hist_2.41   ill of the deceased king Apion, and needed to be governed

  Ptolemy 37   - king of Cyprus, died in 58 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
58/20 M.Cato is sent to expel king Ptolemy from the island, and to resto
57/10 Ptolemy, king of Cyprus, commits suicide and Cato takes over the
ValMax_9.4e.1   hatred, but the avarice of Ptolemy king of Cyprus was laughable.

  Ptolemy 46   (Claudius Ptolemaeus) - Greek astronomer and geographer, 2nd century A.D.
Wikipedia entry
StephByz_70 xander on the river Tanais, as Ptolemy explains in his thi

Ptolemysee Caesarion

Ptolemysee Ptolemaeus44

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