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  Pythia   - the priestess at Delphi
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  + Pythian
[Longin]:Subl_13   the story runs that the Pythian priestess on approaching the tripod
Aelian:Fr_73   god and made an inquiry of the Pythia. They beg a god, of
Aelian:Fr_88   & & Suda_E'45 & & The Pythia orders that a statue of
Athen_6.254   that city which once the Pythia entitled the Hearth of Gre
Athen_6.272   imagine it was that the Pythian priestess called them 'Th
Athen_9.400   subject. And the Pythia answered them that they ought
Athen_13.602   men who consulted the Pythian priestess as to how they
Athen_14.614   cle on this subject, the Pythian priestess replied to him-
Diod_34.13   some matter. The Pythia replied spontaneously in these
Nepos_1.1   envoys who consulted her the Pythia named Miltiades ** and bade
Nepos_2.2   7 The Pythia replied to the envoys that
Phld:Acad_9   had decided [to ask the Pythia as they say . .
Phlegon:Mir_6   ytho and asked what to do, the Pythia proclaimed the follo
Plin:HN_7.204   verse we owe to the Pythian oracle, [205] but as to

Pythiasee Pythian

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