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  Rex 3   (Q. Marcius Rex) - Roman praetor, 144 B.C.
  + Marcius
144/15 The construction of the Aqua Marcia, by the praetor Q.Marcius.
Plin:HN_36.121   their genuine value. Quintus Marcius Rex, having been ordered by the

  Rex 4   (Q. Marcius Rex) - Roman consul, 118 B.C.
  + Marcius
118/_ Consuls: M. Porcius M.f. Cato, Q. Marcius Q.f. Rex
118/3 Q.Marcius defeats the Styni, an Alpine tribe.
118/16 Marcius reacts bravely to the death of his son.
117/7 The triumph of Q.Marcius, over the Styni.
    Within translations:
FastTr_p106   Marcius Q.f. Q.n. Rex, proconsul, & over the Ligurian Sty
Oros_5.14   5 The consul Q. Marcius 118 B.C. made war upon
ValMax_5.10.3   to wander abroad. Q. Marcius Rex, the colleague of Cato the

  Rex 5   (Q. Marcius Rex) - Roman consul, 68 B.C.
  + Marcius
68/_ Consuls: L. Caecilius C.f. Metellus, Q. Marcius Q.f. Rex
68/3 office; his successor also dies, so Marcius is left as sole consul.
67/13 Clodius leaves Lucullus' army, and joins his brother-in-law Marcius.
66/4a Q.Marcius Rex visits Antioch, where he negotiates with Philippus and
63/58 C.Manlius sends envoys to Marcius Rex.
    Within translations:
Malal_225 funds by Quintus Marcius Rex, when he visited Antioch in

  Rex 6   (Rupilius Rex) - a Roman in Asia, 42 B.C.
42/9 Brutus judges a legal dispute between Persius and Rupilius Rex.

  Rex   - in documents
CIL_1.2172 Quintus Marcius Rex son of Publius, of the Sergian

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