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  Rhodes   - a Greek island, and its principal city
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  + Rhodian , Rhodians
324/_ Olympic victor in the stadion race: Micinas of Rhodes
323/32 xander composes a testament and deposits it on the island of Rhodes.
320/15 as, takes his fleet to Tyre, but is defeated in an attack on Rhodes.
316/6 dangerous flood at Rhodes.
315/30 Aeschines introduces the study of rhetoric at Rhodes.
306/25 The start of (?) co-operation between Rhodes and Rome.
305/2 Antigonus decides to attack Rhodes.
305/10 Demetrius arrives at Rhodes and begins to besiege the city.
305/11 in a dream, and advises the Rhodians to appeal to Ptolemy for hel
305/17 The Rhodians repel Demetrius' first attack on their harbour.
305/18 tigonus attempts to persuade Rhodian expatriates not to return home.
305/21 The Rhodians repel another attack by Demetrius, by land and sea; afte
304/1 The Rhodians send out ships to attack Demetrius' supply bases, and
304/4 ribe Athenagoras, one of the Rhodian commanders, but he attacks and
304/5 Supplies from Ptolemy, Cassander, and Lysimachus reach Rhodes.
304/6 iolent counter-attack by the Rhodians forces Demetrius to pull back
304/9 between Demetrius and the Rhodians, which is followed by another
304/9 Demetrius, during which the Rhodian magistrate Damoteles is killed.
304/10 agrees to end the siege of Rhodes, through the mediation of the Aet
304/11 Demetrius leaves behind his siege engines for the Rhodians to keep.
304/18 The Rhodians honour Ptolemy as a god, and give him the title "Sote
303/5 the construction of the Colossus of Rhodes, designed by Chares.
299/3 OGIS_10, a decree of Ephesus in honour of Nicagoras of Rhodes.
292/11 The Colossus of Rhodes is completed, after 12 years.
274/11a OGIS_58, a decree of Lissa in honour of Agepolis of Rhodes.
259/13 "Argonautica" of Apollonius, written while he was staying in Rhodes.
258/11a The Rhodians defeat an Egyptian fleet, led by Chremonides, near
253/10 Antiochus and Ptolemy II; Rhodes is reconciled with Ptolemy.
250/18 Hannibal "the Rhodian" slips through the Roman blockade and sails int
235/11 General remarks on the life of the poet Apollonius of Rhodes.
226/3 The Colossus of Rhodes is broken by an earthquake which devastates
220/33 Rhodes declares war on Byzantium.
220/39 Peace between Rhodes and Byzantium.
220/40 Rhodes sends aid to Cnossus.
220/45 The Rhodians help Sinope against Mithridates.
220/47 ustin_134, a decree of Histiaea in honour of Athenodorus of Rhodes.
216/_ Olympic victor in the stadion race: Dorotheus of Rhodes
214/23a Inscr_36, decrees of Rhodes concerning a dispute between Olympichus
204/24 eak of war between Crete and Rhodes, allegedly caused by Heracleides,
201/16 The fleets of Pergamon and Rhodes are defeated by the Macedonians at
201/20 Embassies from Attalus and Rhodes bring charges against Philippus bef
201/21 Philippus attacks the Rhodian Peraea and captures Prinassus.
200/4 Syll_581, a treaty between Rhodes and Hierapytna in Crete.
200/3b SEG_23.547, a treaty between Rhodes and Olous in Crete.
197/19 The Rhodians defeat Philippus's general Dinocrates near Alabanda.
197/20 The Rhodians send an embassy to Antiochus, in an attempt to restrain
197/25 Antiochus defeats Rhodes, Samos, Colophon and Phocaea in a naval batt
196/14a yll_586, a dedication on Carpathos by Nicagoras, a Rhodian general.
192/8 Cleitostratus of Rhodes wins the wrestling contest at the Olympic Gam
192/30 Syll_599, the judgement of Rhodian arbitrators in a dispute between
190/5 Polyxenidas defeats the Rhodian fleet at Panormus by trickery.
190/9 83, decrees of Delos in honour of Epicrates and Anaxibius of Rhodes.
190/15 The Rhodians defeat a Syrian fleet led by Hannibal and Apollonius at
190/19 The Romans and Rhodians defeat the Syrian fleet under Polyxenidas at
189/7 the senate, together with embassies from Antiochus and the Rhodians.
187/6d decree of Melanippium, after coming into alliance with the Rhodians.
186/3 dispute between Rhodes and Lycia over the terms of the Roman settle
183/23 Pharnaces, and Philippus, and from Rhodes, Sparta and the Achaeans.
180/18 llespont into the Black Sea, but the Rhodians intervene to stop him.
178/4 bassy complains to the senate about their treatment by the Rhodians.
177/3 improve the status of the Lycians causes consternation at Rhodes.
177/11 Embassies from Rhodes, Thessaly, and the Dardani appear before the
174/8 The Rhodians suppress resistance in Lycia.
171/1 Hagesilochus persuades the Rhodians to declare their support for for
171/13 The Romans decline help from Rhodes.
171/25 The Rhodians agree to release their Macedonian prisoners for a ransom
169/26 embassy from Rhodes tries to maintain friendly relations with Rome
168/9 The Rhodians decide to try to mediate between Perseus and the Romans.
168/32 ssy led by Popillius goes to Rhodes, and persuades an assembly to con
168/36 The Rhodians and other Greek states fail to give full support to the
168/42 Rhodian envoys, led by Agepolis, address the senate, and are accused
168/55 most outspoken supporters of Perseus at Rhodes, are brought to Rome.
167/3 uventius urges the Roman people to declare war against the Rhodians.
167/4 The Rhodian envoys address the senate; they are supported by M.Cato.
167/5 The Rhodians are relieved to learn that Rome has not declared war on
167/31 for the senate to make a decision about the alliance with Rhodes.
166/6 The Rhodians send an embassy, led by Aristoteles, but the senate agai
166/8 Ti.Gracchus delivers a speech in Greek at Rhodes.
164/_ Olympic victor in the stadion race: Leonidas of Rhodes
164/1 Embassies from Prusias, Rhodes, and the Achaeans appear before the
164/1 enate; the Romans finally agree to renew their alliance with Rhodes.
163/15 The Rhodians seize Calynda.
160/_ Olympic victor in the stadion race: Leonidas of Rhodes (II)
160/15 Eumenes and Demetrius give gifts of grain to the Rhodians.
156/_ Olympic victor in the stadion race: Leonidas of Rhodes (III)
156/3 Aristomenes of Rhodes is Olympic victor in both the wrestling and the
154/4 The Cretans defeat a Rhodian fleet, commanded by Aristocrates.
153/11 Rhodian embassy, led by Astymedes, appeals for Roman intervention
153/14 The Rhodians make an unsuccessful appeal to the Achaean assembly for
152/_ Olympic victor in the stadion race: Leonidas of Rhodes (IV)
139/19 Scipio visits Asia and Rhodes, where he meets Panaetius.
119/12 its a famous teacher of rhetoric, Apollonius of Alabanda, at Rhodes.
106/6 The colossus at Rhodes is toppled by an earthquake.
88/44 The Rhodians defeats a fleet sent by Mithridates.
88/45 The Rhodians force Mithridates to abandon his attack on their island.
85/2 assembles a naval force with the help of Rhodes and other states.
82/29 Albinovanus murders the officers of Norbanus, who escapes to Rhodes.
81/41 addresses the senate, who restore control of the Caunians to Rhodes.
81/47 C.Norbanus commits suicide to avoid capture at Rhodes.
77/8 Cicero studies rhetoric under Apollonius Molon in Rhodes.
74/5 Caesar takes lessons in rhetoric from Apollonius Molon at Rhodes.
67/10 Cilicia, via Athens and Rhodes, where he listens to a lecture
62/22 where he honours Theophanes, and Rhodes, where he meets Poseidonius.
61/37 summary of the life and writings of Castor of Rhodes.
60/24 C.Cassius is taught by Archelaus at Rhodes.
60/25 Brutus studies at Rhodes and Athens, where he is taught by Pammenes.
58/58 Ptolemy Auletes visits Cato at Rhodes.
51/61 The Rhodians renew their treaty of alliance with the Romans.
50/29 the philosopher Poseidonius, who spent most of his life in Rhodes.
50/29a Jason of Nysa succeeds Poseidonius as head of the school at Rhodes.
47/11 near Canopus, despite the death of Euphranor, the Rhodian admiral.
42/4 Cassius punishes the inhabitants of Rhodes.
30/14 Herodes meets Octavianus in Rhodes, and is forgiven for his previous

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