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  Roxane   - daughter of Oxyartes; wife of Alexander the Great
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  + Roxana
324/22 inting of the marriage of Alexander and Roxane at the Olympic games.
323/22 Roxane is cured of an illness by a doctor called Dracon.
323/54 Roxane murders Stateira, who had been her rival as wife of Alexander.
323/65 Roxane gives birth to a son, who is called Alexander IV.
316/27 Cassander imprisons Roxane and her son Alexander at Amphipolis.
310/30 Cassander murders Alexander IV and his mother Roxane.
    Within translations:
Arrian:Fr_1 linna) on condition that Roxana's child, when born, if it
Arrian:Fr_9 Oxyartes the father of Roxana Parapamisus ; to Pithon
Euseb]:Chron_231 and Alexander the son of Roxane the daughter of Oxyartes
FGrH_* 155.1-3 * his wives and an unborn son by Roxane. His followers quarr
Just_12.15 Aridaeus, and his wife Roxane with child, yet, forgettin
Just_14.6 with her daughter-in-law Roxane, and her grandson Hercules
Just_15.2 ther son, and his mother Roxane, with similar treachery;
Just_13.2 ilippus. But that Roxane was of Persian origin, and that
Malal_194 Alexander captured Roxane, the daughter of Dareius, king
PsCallisth_2.20 were your kin. & Roxane, my daughter, I bestow on you,
PsCallisth_2.22 me his daughter Roxane for my consort, but he failed
PsCallisth_3.32 sent out both Cambobaphe and Roxane, his own wife. Now
PsCallisth_3.33 son of Philip. If Roxane bears a son to Alexander, he is

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