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  Saguntum   - a city in eastern Spain
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  + Saguntines
227/17 The inhabitants of Saguntum send an embassy to Rome, and agree an all
221/37 Civil dissension at Saguntum.
219/2 they have been attacked by Saguntum, and Hannibal sends their envoy
219/3 embassy from Saguntum at Rome.
219/7 Hannibal starts to besiege Saguntum.
219/9 Hannibal is wounded at Saguntum.
219/17 The senate votes to send an embassy to Saguntum.
219/18 Hannibal breaches a wall at Saguntum.
219/29 battle at Saguntum after the departure of the Roman embassy.
219/36 Unsuccessful peace negotiations at Saguntum.
219/38 Hannibal captures Saguntum.
219/39 Hannibal "re-founds" Saguntum.
218/10 debate in the Roman senate about the capture of Saguntum.
217/33 elux persuades Bostar to release the Spanish hostages from Saguntum.
212/12 The Romans capture Saguntum.
76/7 Saguntum and other cities welcome Pompeius on his arrival in Spain.
72/37 Metellus rewards Q.Fabius of Saguntum with Roman citizenship.
    Within translations:
Nepos_23.3   by force of arms, stormed Saguntum, a town allied with Rome,
NicDam_127.27   ere also. [27] The Saguntines came to Octavius asking for
Oros_4.14   commander, first attacked Saguntum, a flourishing city
Oros_6.16   the City, he arrived at Saguntum and at once engaged the
Plin:HN_3.20   Saguntum, also three miles from the sea, a town with Roman
Plin:HN_7.35   that of an infant at Saguntum which at once went back
Plin:HN_35.160   Hasta, and Pollentia, and by Saguntum in Spain and Pergamum in
ValMax_6.6e.1   of the Roman nation, the Saguntines were restrained within their own

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