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  Sallustius   (C. Sallustius Crispus) - Roman historian, usually called Sallust in English
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86/52 The birth of the historian C.Sallustius Crispus.
63/87 period include Cicero, Caesar, Sallustius, Lucretius and Catullus.
54/59 [Sall]:Cic_, a supposed invective of Sallustius against Cicero.
52/6 The tribunes Q.Pompeius and C.Sallustius call for the prosecution of
52/25 Milo catches the historian Sallustius in the act of adultery.
50/56 after demoting several senators, including the historian Sallustius.
49/27 Sall]:CaesEp_, a letter from Sallustius to Caesar, which may not
47/62 Campania, after the soldiers threaten the praetor C.Sallustius.
46/2 esar moves to Leptis, and sends Sallustius to the island of Cercina.
46/36 Numidia as a Roman province, and appoints Sallustius to govern it.
46/78 ll]:CaesOr_, a speech of advice to Caesar, attributed to Sallustius.
45/42 Sallustius extorts money from the province of Africa Nova, while acting
36/29 Sall:Hist_, the Histories of Sallustius.
35/17 The grammarian Lenaeus writes a satire attacking Sallustius.
35/18 The death of the historian Sallustius.
    Within translations:
ChronPasc_449   449'A] [Ol. 172.2] Sallustius was born on the Kalends of
ChronPasc_465   rophecy of Daniel. [Ol. 184.1] Sallustius died on May 13th
Crinag_16.40   probably the nephew of Sallust, to whom Horace's Ode ii.
Exsuper_33   [33] This is why Sallustius say, "From good beginnings
GranLic_33   red by] the histories of Sallustius but, as we have determ
Hieron:Chron_1930   Ar.] The historian Sallustius Crispus was born at Amiternu
Hieron:Chron_1955   Ar.] The events which Sallustius and Livius relate abou
Hieron:Chron_1981   186.1 . [1981] Sallustius died, four years before the
Just_38.3   fault with Livius and Sallustius for having exceeded
Malal_209   it to Roman rule. Sallustius mentions [Perseus] in his
Malal_212   time, Cicero and Sallustius, the learned Roman poets,
Oros_6.6   all by Cicero's deeds and Sallust's description, that it is enough
Oros_6.15   to Antonius. Basilus and Sallustius, with the separate legions
Oros_7.10   events, has declared that Sallustius Crispus and very many
Sall:Hist_1.6   after his death. Sallustius mentions this at the beginni
Sall:Hist_1.30   the wishes of his mother, as Sallustius relates. [1.48]

  Sallustius 2   (Cn. Sallustius) - a friend of Cicero and Atticus
50/32 _2.17 & 15.11, letters from Cicero to Cn.Sallustius and C.Marcellus.

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