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  Sardis   - a city in Lydia, Asia Minor
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  + Sardian , Sardians
320/5 crosses over to Asia, and attacks Eumenes and Cleopatra at Sardis.
320/30 dvised by Cleopatra to leave Sardis, and retires to Celaenae for the
308/5 Cleopatra, the daughter of Philippus, is killed at Sardis.
286/1 Demetrius wins over Ionia and Sardis.
281/19 Seleucus captures Sardis.
262/11 Eumenes defeats Antiochus I at Sardis.
215/30 Antiochus begins the siege of Sardis, which is held by Achaeus.
214/23 Antiochus captures most of Sardis, and forces Achaeus back into the
212/5a 49, decrees of Delphi granting privileges to the citizens of Sardis.
189/1 Sardis, Thyateira, Magnesia, Tralles, Ephesus, and other cities in
165/6d decree of Delphi concerning games at Sardis in honour of Eumenes.
42/10 and Cassius meet again at Sardis, and renew their friendship after
    Within translations:
Aelian:NA_4.46 than the much-vaunted wares of Sardis. (ii). And in the
AnthPal_7.709 DER & { H 1 } & Ancient Sardis, home of my fathers, had
Arrian:Fr_* 9-11 * erdiccas to Cleopatra at Sardis, since Perdiccas had decid
Athen_6.255 lver feet, with a smooth Sardian carpet spread under it
Athen_12.540 position to the place in Sardis called the beautiful Ancon
Bianor_9.423 [9.423] & { G-P 16 } & Sardis, once the city of Gyges
DioscEpigr_6.220 wind, wished to reach Sardis from Phrygian Pessinus ;
Euseb]:Chron_217 [149 A.D.] - Atticus of Sardis, stadion race Socrates ent
Euseb]:Chron_251 charge of the city of Sardis; he also had the Galatians
Hieron:Chron_1683 Persians, and captured Sardis after defeating the king's
Hieron:Chron_2034 uake: Ephesus, Magnesia, Sardis, Mostene, Aegae, Hierocaes
Joseph:AJ_14.232 like decree was made by the Sardians about us also. [23
Joseph:AJ_14.235 tes, senate, and people of the Sardians, sendeth greeting.
Joseph:AJ_14.259 city." [259] The decree of the Sardians. "This decree was
Just_14.1 Next he went to Sardis, to Cleopatra, the sister of Ale
Memn_4 for her to join him at Sardis, where he showed her equal
Phylarch_22 be allowed to ride into Sardis wearing an upright tiara,
Plut:Demetr_46 force. Among the latter was Sardis. Some of the officer
Plut:Eum_8 plains of Lydia, near Sardis, both because he was stron
Plut:Phoc_18 crimes, and kept in custody at Sardis. Alexander granted
Polyaen_2.1.9 & When he marched to Sardis, Agesilaus sent men to spr
Polyaen_4.9.4 mmand of the fortress of Sardis, with the royal treasures,
Polyaen_6.49.1 risoned them in the citadel of Sardis. After a long and
Polyaen_7.2.2 st, when he was at Sardis, he gave them sumptuous provisio
Polyaen_7.6.10 At the siege of Sardis, Cyrus constructed machines of
Polyaen_7.6.2 led his forces away from Sardis, in accordance with a trea
Polyaen_7.6.3 Cyrus had captured Sardis, Croesus still held out in the
Polyaen_7.14.2 the road towards Sardis, and found a large supply of pro
Polyaen_7.16.1 his bodyguard behind in Sardis, and immediately went to
Porph:Fr_41 arius and captured the city of Sardis. Afterwards he conqu
SEG_39.1284 (213)   the council and people of Sardis, greetings. Your
THI_119 (334-300)   oroi had arrived at Sardis and the sanctuary of Art
THI_61.D (173-169)     Menekrates of Sardis, the son of Gennaios Is
Timoth:Pers_86 and the Lydian city of Sardis, to come and fend off the
Timoth:Pers_139 you this way, me that way unto Sardis, unto Susa, home Ecb

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