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  Saturnian   - an ancient form of Latin verse
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  + Saturnians
CIL_1.2 has metrical groups, including Saturnian rhythms. Ma
CIL_1.6 290. The epitaph on the lid. Saturnians. Lucius Corn
CIL_* 1.9-11 * the Scipios' sepulchre: Saturnians This man Lucius Sc
CIL_1.1202 the Appian Way: c. 140 B.C.: Saturnians. This memo
CIL_1.1531 l50 B.C. or later. Saturnians Marcus Vertuleius and Pu
CIL_1.364 tended. [b] On the other side. Saturnians. Cooks - a g
CIL_1.626 Caelius; dedicated in 142 B.C. Saturnians (except l
CIL_1.652 over the Iapydes of Istria. Saturnians. On two frag
Naev:Pun_1 archaic poets used this Saturnian metre without observing

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