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  Scythia   - a large region to the north of the Black Sea and Caspian Sea
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  + Scythian , Scythians , Scyths
130/11 The Scythians defeat and subjugate the Greeks in Bactria.
129/26 Scythian invasion prevents Phraates from invading Syria.
128/7 arthia in battle against the Scythians, and the accession of Artabanu
110/6 Mithridates defeats the Scythians and gains control of the Cimmerian
65/8 the Black Sea, including Heniochi, Achaei, Scythians and Maeotians.
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[Longin]:Subl_28   in Herodotus : "Upon those Scythians that sacked her temple the
2Macc_4   they had pleaded even before Scythians. 48 And so those
3Macc_7   more savage than that of Scythian custom, they tried witho
4Macc_10   with their fingernails in a Scythian fashion. They imm
Aelian:NA_2.16   It is a native of Scythia and in its [hide ?]* and its
Aelian:NA_2.53   is to hand, for even in Scythia there are oxen not destit
Aelian:NA_4.7   old that the King of the Scythians (his name I know but
Aelian:NA_5.51   For instance, the Scythian speaks one language, the India
Aelian:NA_9.15   to cure. And the Scythians are even said to mix serum
Aelian:NA_10.40   ilment. [40] & In Scythia there are asses with horns, and
Aelian:NA_12.34   ching animals. The Scythians for want of fire-wood cook
Aelian:NA_14.25   are neighbours of the Scythians whose inroads they chec
Aelian:NA_16.26   nce especially in the sheep of Scythia. [27] & Agatharcid
Arrian:Fr_30   Parthians to have been a Scythian race, which had long bee
Athen_1.7   poppy seed, & Food which the Scythians love; then boiled
Athen_5.221   water, & Speaks like a Scythian, not knowing even koppa,
Athen_6.243   phanes says in his Scythian - & Let us go now to sup, just
Athen_6.247   Antiphanes, in his Scythian, says- & The οἰ&
Athen_7.290   he used also to bear a Scythian bow, and in his hand,
Athen_8.334   way of a riddle, as the Scythians sent an enigmatical pre
Athen_10.438   And Anacharsis the Scythian, when a prize for drinking was
Athen_10.441   rries & Except among the Scythians; for their country &
Athen_12.523   from luxury, conquered the Scythians," as Ephorus says, "
Athen_12.524     And concerning the Scythians, Clearchus, in what follows
Athen_13.575   forward by himself, clad in a Scythian robe. And when he
Athen_14.613   ware that Anacharsis the Scythian, when on one occasion
ChronPasc_420   Alexandria, also called Scythia, in (?) Aegaei Alexandria
Cic:Tusc_5.90   about it? [90] Could the Scythian Anacharsis ** disregard money, and
Demetr:Eloc_96   nce of introducing Phrygian or Scythian words among those
ExcBarb_34B   Cabiosa Alexandria (?) Scythia, in (?) Aegaei Alexandria
FastTr_p108   ia, [Cilicia, Syria, the Scythians, the Jews, Alb]ania and
Festus:Brev_9   displayed Roman arms to the Scythians. Thus were the
FGrH_252.B   for them; and Anacharsis the Scythian came to [Athens]:
Julian:Caes_326   ter conquering the Scythians and Thracians I did not emplo
Julian:Caes_329   inst Romans, Germans and Scythians, instead of Asiatic bar
Julian:Mis_352   esses; by birth he was a Scythian, and he had the same nam
Just_1.1   ypt, and Tanaus, king of Scythia, were indeed prior to him
Just_1.8   his power, made war upon the Scythians. At that time,
Just_1.10   Darius made war upon the Scythians, as shall be related
Just_2.1-5 *   arrating the acts of the Scythians, which were very great
Just_7.3   ving been forced to quit Scythia in dishonourable flight,
Just_9.1-3 *   expedition, too, into Scythia, to get plunder, that,
Just_12.1   his own lieutenant-general in Scythia, were communicated.
Just_12.2   and men, and made war upon the Scythians. 17 But being cut
Just_37.3   traordinary success, the Scythians, who had previously bee
Just_38.3   also for an army from Scythia, and armed the whole east
Just_38.7   tions. That as to Scythia, only two kings before him, Dar
Just_41.1   by severe wars with the Scythians and other neighbouring
Just_41.2   ing between those of the Scythians and Medes, being a comp
Just_42.1   country. For the Scythians, having been induced, by the
Just_42.2   was made king. The Scythians, content with their victory,
Just_42.5   of the approach of the Scythians, fled with a great body
Lucian:Macr_10   Ateas, king of the Scythians, fell in battle against Phili
Lucian:Macr_15   year by the Sacauracian Scyths, assumed the throne and
Meleager_5.179   all in the fire, your bow and Scythian quiver charged wit
Meleager_16.213   have your sharp-pointed Scythian arrows, I shall escape
Memn_22   restore to the kings of the Scythians their ancestral
Memn_29   voys to the kings of the Scythians, to the king of Parthia
Memn_34   the inhabitants of the Scythian Chersonese and Theodosia
Nepos_1.3   and make war on the Scythians. He built a bridge over
Nepos_14.1   by nationality, born of a Scythian mother, ** began his career
Oros_1.4   Sea. He taught barbaric Scythia, hitherto an unwarlike and
Oros_2.6-8 *   when he was ravaging Asia, Scythia, and the whole East, at
Oros_3.13   Alexander also crossed to Scythia with the intention of
Oros_3.18   king of Epirus, and in Scythia with Zopyrion, the prefect. 2
Oros_5.4   barbarians dwelling in farthest Scythia, not to mention its
Oros_6.21   of the Indians and Scythians, after traversing the whole
Oros_7.34   without hesitation those mighty Scythian tribes, which had been
Oros_7.37   was a pagan and a Scythian, who, according to the custom
Philip_9.561   sunless hill of Northern Scythia nourished you, wild vine
Philoch_56   away in the land of the Scythians, the Thebans drove out
Phylarch_83   Suda_L'323 & The Scythians use white and black pebbles
Plin:HN_4.91   The territories of Sarmatia, Scythia and Taurica, and the whole
Plin:HN_4.94   one named Baunonia, lying off Scythia, at a distance of a
Plin:HN_6.65   is in the mountains of Scythia, and that it has nineteen
Plin:HN_7.17   women of this kind in Scythia, who are called the Bitiae,
Plin:HN_8.38   by importation from all quarters. Scythia, owing to its lack of
Plin:HN_8.123     [123] The reindeer of Scythia also changes its colours, but
Plin:HN_33.66   dug up by griffins in Scythia -, is obtained in three
Plin:HN_37.33   up in two regions of Scythia, in one of which it
Plin:HN_37.40   also as 'thium'; and in Scythia as 'sacrium,' for there too
Plin:HN_37.119   The best kind is the Scythian, then comes the Cyprian and
Plut:Demetr_19   the custom of the Scythians in the midst of their carousa
Plut:Mor_174   dathyrsus, King of Scythia, when Darius invaded him, solic
Plut:Mor_847   his orations he was a Scythian, but in fighting a delic
Polyaen_6.9.4   and in their rear the Scythians, who had express orders
Polyaen_7.11.1   eius was confronting the Scythians in battle, and both arm
Polyaen_7.11.4   rtook an expedition into Scythia, but he was unable to gai
Polyaen_7.44.1   abo, 9.401 (9.2.4)] [44] & The Scythians. The Scythians,
Polyaen_7.44.2   Str_2.4'20] & While the Scythians were fighting in Asia,
Polyaen_7.46.1   battle, the Taurians, a Scythian people, always used to
Polyaen_8.56.1   her fame extended through all Scythia. The inhabitants
PsCallisth_1.2   ing. For there are Scythians, Arabians, Oxydraces, Iberes,
PsCallisth_1.26   hracians and Paphlagonians and Scythians whom he used as
PsCallisth_3.26   lcomed by Ethiopians and Scythians, & Men dwelling deep
PsCallisth_3.35   for Porus, Alexandria in Scythia, Alexandria near Troy,
SEG_32.794   (c. 325)   rion's campaign against the Scythians in ca. 331 B.
SEG_37.668.A   has conquered [ (?) the Scythians ], [on account of his]
SelPap_2.388   the most noble Justinian Scythians quartered in the mo
SelPap_2.408   soldiers of the Scythian corps, for the 12 days
SelPap_3.115   any gift at all, to Scythian Anacharsis for judgement. The son,
Simonid_7.496   would that from the far Scythian land you did look down
THI_145   (late 3rd cent.)   itas the king of the Scythians, has continually [sh
ValMax_5.4e.5   memory of an act of Scythian piety. For when Darius invaded
ValMax_6.4e.2   in the furthest deserts of Scythia, there I should think I
Vit:Theoc_1   emis away from Tauris in Scythia, he received an oracle,

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