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  Sellasia   - a town in Laconia, Greece; site of the defeat of Cleomenes III
Wikipedia entry     ☆ DARE (map)
222/12 Antigonus enters Laconia and encamps opposite Cleomenes at Sellasia.
222/15 tigonus defeats Cleomenes at Sellasia, and forces him to escape from
221/28 ters of Antigonus granting privileges to men who fought at Sellasia.
    Within translations:
Phylarch_59 of Damoteles at the battle of Sellasia. [60] & Plut:Cleom
Plut:Agis_8 tus, as far as Malea and Sellasia, were to be distributed
Plut:Arat_46 in a great battle near Sellasia, quitted Sparta, and sai
Plut:Cleom_23 visions, and led them to Sellasia, as if he designed an
Plut:Cleom_27 as the battle of Sellasia was fought, and Cleomenes had
Plut:Cleom_31 ave men who fell for Sparta at Sellasia. Or shall we rathe
Polyaen_3.11.6 ias made a raid on Sellasia in Laconia, and seized a great
SEG_60.586 (221)   e against Kleomenes at Sellasia, I grant freedom fr

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